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Weekly Roundup 06.18.2023

Hi all,

A crazy past week of sport. We had the last of the French Open as we soon more over to grass court for the summer. We have England doing well on day 2 of the ashes! We settle into the final round of the golf US Open today. Not to mention, the footballing world has been filled with celebrations in Manchester, transfer news has been hot off the press and we dived straight into international qualifiers! At this point I'm surprised that we have time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The #SportsVizSunday community has been equally busy with another display of unique visualisations. Let's get into it,

First up this week is Nur,

With the new season on his mind Nur looks back and points to Estupinan & Gibbs-White as bargain transfers. Nur uses a radial graph to be able to detail the different actions that the two players rank well in. I enjoy the offset of the greyscale player imagery offset to the left, and having the radial shortened to about 130 degrees. Who are your bargain transfers as we look ahead to next season SportsVizSunday?

Whitney dives into Olympic participation in this colourful radial piece.

Some creative design concepts to be able to mirror flags equally either side, rather than perhaps have them all start at north and wrap round clockwise, in an overloading manner - fitting nicely into the floral logo Whitney has put next to the olympics title. Check out the tooltips for greater detail around each countries number of events, they've entered since 1896.

I am appreciating the technical details that will have gone into creating this with the various layers and calculations under the hood. Well done Whitney!

To follow on from that Mo Wootten keeps the map layer theme going with another technical radial piece. This time looking at Football Fireworks. Mo's piece is a fine example of how you can great abstract design that is still interpretable. I love that Mo brought in the additional context of league wins and relegation places in addition to finishing position to help emphasis the dominance of 6 teams within the league since 1995.

Rob switches focus to NBA this week comparing the stats of two of the greats. Lebron James & Michael Jordan. In this visual you can view a dumbell chart... or (basketball chart in this case!) to compare some of the key stats including turnovers, rebounds and shots. Does the number of seasons play a crucial role? Dive in to find out more.

Brett brings us this week a look at the USOpen, so Im sure he'll be tuning in later to watch the golf! Using Spotfire, Brett is able to highlight for the different players the average number of strokes from tee to green!

For those wanting to brush up on their golf knowledge, check this one out to see some of the important stats like around the green and off the tee.

Mr Epley returns to his usual SportsVizSunday ways, with this stunning visual on NHL playoffs.

With a lot of different teams to help navigate, Samuel uses colour encoding to help offset the teams colour against the remaining teams in grey really helping to give context to team performance when it comes to metrics like points per season and strength of schedule.

Loving the rank, racing sigmoid chart along the bottom, with supplementary logos!

Closing out this week on this absolute gem from Ben.

Ben helps us get excited for the ashes, one of the most famous and oldest rivalries between Australia and England. I loved hearing about the history of the name!

I'm not sure what I love more, the custom map design or the simplicity behind the 5 matches per year charts at the top. Both elegant and easy to understand.

Lastly I want to say, Tableau ambassador nominations are now open. A great opportunity to put yourself, your friends, peers, colleagues and wider community members forward for recognition of their impact on Tableau. Please have the confidence to raise your voice and the voices around you.

I want to close out by saying, with the new Tableau Public - it is much easier to view dashboards that have used the SportsVizSunday hashtag. Please continue to use it in your posts on twitter, but we will try to look at the search functionality on Tableau too.

Have a good remainder of the weekend with whatever you get up to.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday team

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