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Weekly Roundup 06.02.2024

Hi all,

Welcome back to another SportsVizSunday round up. The sunshine is peaking through keeping the mood high off the back of an evening out watching the champions league final last night. Congratulations Real Madrid on yet another champions league title! I particularly like watching Jude Bellingham - more out of excitement ahead of the euros, and also Vinicius Jr, as not many players in football history have scored two Champions League final goals at the age of 23. Vinicius is special.

To kickstart this week, Kate Brown, previous SportsVizSunday league looks at the PGA tournament results. 2024 seemingly is Nellys year, supported by a impressive tee to green score. Check out the full visual using the embedded view below. Great use of pre attentive attributes Kate.

Tan has been looking at Strava data especially park run results. I am a huge park run fan so i am so pleased to see this in a dashboard! There are some serious PB's getting logged!

Anastasiya looks at the different races with the start and finishing line up. I love this chart type to emphasis the first 10 stops remaining the same in the Monaco gp.

Joe shows a similar visual, but compares the F1 with the Indy 500. A whopping 648 overtakes. The addition of start and finishing points in the Indy 500 only add to the scatteredness of the lines when compared to the uniformity of the 10 start and finishes in the F1.

Dan also looks at the Monaco gp but looks at the different speeds achieved! Click the different drivers to see the respective speed per lap. It really is incredible that the drivers keep a speed average of around 270km/h.

Mckay Johns is one of the most influential data coaches out there at the moment and recently has released new videos on webscraping soccer data. The one I shared below is on FotMob, but I would urge individuals that are looking to get into soccer analytics to check out his course and some of the free materials he shares on his Git Repo.

Rob Taylor looks at different players fantasy points accumulation with Cole Palmer coming out on top this year. The FPL API looks like a great one to dive into more! Interesting to see Cole Palmers real shoot for the top after Game Week 26 through a flurry of draw and wins.

That's it for this week.

Enjoy the rest of the day,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team.

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