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Weekly Roundup 05.21.2023

Happy Sun..da.... Tuesday #SportsVizSunday fans.

Apologies for the tardiness of this week's roundup, I was not expecting to be glued to the TV screen on Sunday evening, loving every minute of sport's newest hero, Michael Block! What a story and what a hole in one! Block's achievement sums up just about everything I love about sports. To go from coaching amateurs on the local course, to slam dunking an ace in front of thousands of adoring fans. We all need to remember, in sport, in life, dare to dream, you never know where that dream will take you.

Away from the golf, we have 4 stellar sports vizzes to share with you this week.

First up, Evan Gower and his first attempt at creating a table using gt() package in R. Nice job on the clean look, Evan, although I am not sure those Cardiff fans will appreciate Reading being given a bump up the league table!

Next up and staying with football, we have #SportsVizSunday royalty Bo McCready. This week Bo treats us to a really interesting take on when clubs achieve Premier League safety. I have seen this analysis done by number of games before, but never the calendar date of when safety is achieved. How did those Man City fans cope this season, not mathematically securing safety until March?! :)

Last up on the football content this week is Ansgar Wolsing. Ansgar is someone I have long admired from the R community, his designs are always so clean and engaging and I thoroughly encourage any data viz fans to give him a follow. This week he served up an analysis of the Borussia Dortmund fair home and away, points per game, against Bundesliga opponents since 2011/12. I love the subtle calling out of the 2 clubs when BVB achieve more points per game away than at home. Now fear not Borussia fans, you may find it tough against Bayern, but it looks like you may have the last laugh this season!

To finish up this week we showcase the work of Julie Warren. Julie was inspired by Zach Bowders' session at Tableau Conference 2023 and used that inspiration to create this comparison of MLB Outfielder Mookie Betts careers at the Red Sox and the Dodgers.

That's all for this week's roundup. Until next Sunday (I promise you the rest of the team stick to the roundup schedule!), happy vizzing.


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