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Weekly Roundup 05.07.2023

Hello, Sports Fans and happy May! My favourite month for a number of reasons.

I've just returned from a fantastic trip to the US where I had the opportunity to connect with the whole of the storytelling with data team in person (some of them for the first time) culminating in a magical public workshop in Chicago on Friday. As a result, I've been a little behind on all sporting related matters over the last week. It seems the Premier League title race is proceeding as expected with Arsenal and Manchester City picking up maximum points, Red Bull continue to dominate F1, please Sergio Perez, put some pressure on Verstappen for as long as possible to help continue some semblance of excitement and Cricket begins to build towards the Ashes where I keenly await to see how England's new attacking approach holds up against the most intense of pressures.

Onto the round-up and we start with a stunner from Ben Norland who takes us down memory lane exploring the six current premier league "ever presents". It's great to look back at each of the clubs and see how the cycles of success and relative failure have ebbed and flowed. It's up to Everton whether they can escape the adversity they currently face and whether the six clubs remain intact or are reduced to five.

Have you ever put your name down to host a quiz and then been left with a void about what questions to pose? Well if Cricket is ever on the subject list then make sure you check this viz from good friend of #sportsvizsunday Vignesh Suresh which covers 40 (yes 40!) of crickets top 10's from classics like most runs scored and wickets taken to the slightly more obscure most byes in an innings. Great work, Vignesh.

Football represented as Jousting?! That can't possibly work, can it? Well, it seems Mo has not only made it work but created a medieval masterpiece with his latest viz. The club crests as a coat of arms and hand-drawn tallies of goals and shots together with all the detail hiding just below the surface with tool-tips make this a lovely design to explore for your team of choice.

If listening to content is your preferred medium then you'd do well to listen to this fantastic podcast hosted by Zach Bowders, Data+Love. Jam packed full of great content, on its guest list for this particular episode is well known #sportsvizsunday regular, Bo McCready.

I always thought a convex hull had something to do with shipping until CJ began to create them to convey territorial coverage in football. Having previously written a tutorial on how to create them in Python he now extends his Alteryx series to achieve the same here. Quite a library is being built up here. In awe, CJ, in awe.

Outlier 2023 was a huge success and not unsurprising given the huge array of fantastic speakers on stage. A special shout out to James Smith who not only is an incredible talent but a huge inspiration to me (and I'm sure many others) as I took my first tentative footsteps into the world of sporting visualisation.

That's all for this week, folks. Enjoy the long weekend if you are reading in the UK, if you are heading to #TC23 have a blast and for everyone else have a great week!

Simon and the #sportsvizsunday team.

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