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Weekly Roundup 03.12.2023

Welcome back all SportsVizSunday fans. Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend, filled with things you enjoy.

Whilst unfortunately, we don't have any rugby vizzes this week, it certainly has been top of mind from watching the Six Nations especially after Englands loss 53-10 against France yesterday - one of the first Six Nations campaigns where they have lost two home matches. Ireland still land top of the table as they march on with 3/3 wins.... so England have that to look forward to next Saturday.

Onto the content from individuals using our SportsVizSunday hashtag,

Khalid looks at the Top 10 Champions League GS and GA.

I enjoy the barbell and how it helps differentiate the two metrics, allowing the user to be able to see both the aggregate view across GS & GA but also treat them independently. You'll notice that they remain in alphabetical order so perhaps Khalid gives equal weighting to the two metrics.

An interesting way to visualise the data instead of having the full group as small multiples grid, but to have the 1st place Ronaldo to have his own row above the others. Hover the tooltips to find out the raw values of goals and assists rather than just the relative sizing. It's tight at the top!

I had so much fun filtering the viz on each of the different clubs, created by Dave Roberts.

The consistency in logos in the display being black and white, and the teams badges being of relative sizing make for a more eye-catching viz. A great one to play a game of guess the brand!

How many sponsors has your team had and which was your favourite?

SportsVizSunday lead Mo Wootten joins this weeks round up to show case his phone dynamic viz of Walthamstow FC. Mo uses colour to not just differentiate the teams but highlight Sayouds dominance in goal scoring within the game.

What I find most notable about this design style is how it really showcases that once a goal goes in those next 5-10 minutes of team vulnerability where multiple goals then get scored or conceded. How I'd love to have been there for the last 10 minutes of that game.

Abas looks at Liverpools 7-0 win over United last week with a 6 goal heavy second half. Brace heaven in that game!

Abas adds in some more subtle details around shirt number and uses shapes to identify the different types of events. Excited to see more sports content from Abas down the line.

Finally in the football world Ben Norland builds this rather beautiful premier league table. This style of table has been an ever popular hit as of late in the Tableau community - leveraging the works of Ludovic, Sam etc.

The pop out overlay with additional context in this one and small touches with the legends really take this viz from good to great.

The only way this viz could be improved would be if West Ham could sit a little higher in the table. (11th according to Ben's expected position!)

Shangruff turns the attention to NBA and specifically LeBron's all time scoring record - a whopping 38387 points. The bulk of these points come from his time with Cleveland Cavaliers.

Shangruff cleverly uses lollipops and bars of somewhat equal length to showcase LeBron's consistency of PPG and opponents he scores most against.

Follow Shangruff's colour split to see how he faired within each time he represented.

Sarah creates a Ted Lasso visualisation.

The print-screen simply does not do this justice!

Click through the different elements to learn more about all the different references within the game. I LOVE the first view of the different references within the first two seasons and how Sarah and Anne-Sophie have added some of their own thoughts into the visual calling out their favourite references.

The animation within the visual only adds to the navigation in this one. Find out what Ted Lasso talks about when it's not sport.

Samuel Epley closes out this weeks round up for us looking at the MLB season from 2022 on Season Performance.

A beautiful way to offset other teams in grey, and highlighting the current views team in their representatives colours. The rank chart can be amended to look at 4 other metrics including home runs and win %'s. As can the remaining charts.

I'd spend a little more time looking at the tree-like Notabilia Team performance chart that veeers left and right based on wins. Conceptually a great way to see shifts in wins and losses as well as overall dominance. Thanks for sharing!

That's all for this week. See you at the next one.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday Crew

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