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Weekly Roundup 03.05.2023

Welcome sports data viz fans to another #SportsVizSunday weekly roundup, on a day that F1 had a predictable Red Bull dominating start to the 2023 season and Liverpool hit United for a less predictable seven goals.... and yes you can blame the later on this blog being posted slightly late, every time I went to click publish I was interrupted by Jamie Carragher screaming with ecstasy on the Sky Sports commentary!

Let's jump straight into the data viz and given the amazing 90 minutes at Anfield it seems only fair to focus on football in this week's content.

Tableau Ambassador Frederic Frey visualised Kylian Mbappe's 200 goals (and counting) for PSG. Whilst many may have been attracted by the radial timeline, I quite enjoyed the mini analysis at the bottom of the viz, splitting out the goals by who assisted, Mbappe's playing position and the opposition scoring against. You have to feel for Dijon having been hit for 12 Mbappe goals!

From Ligue 1 to the Premier League, and Alex Lemelita analysing over 100 years of Arsenal's league performance.

Moving down the footballing pyramid (slightly), I put a spotlight on the unbeaten Portsmouth career of Joe Rafferty with my passion project PO4 Pompey Stats. For those of you less familiar with the ins and outs of League One, Pompey's form took a significant dip when Rafferty became injured in early September. Since his return in early February, Pompey have experienced a significant uptick in form, and yes, for those of you wondering, he did make it 12 unbeaten on Saturday, with a win away at the mighty..... Cambridge.

It is also nice to be able to feature "how to" posts in addition to visualisations, and this week fellow #SportsVizSunday lead, CJ Mayes, shared how to visualise goal sequences in Tableau. As always the blog post is really well written and super easy to follow, plus CJ could do with some love, his footballing loyalties are shared between West Ham and Man Utd, and this weekend their combined record is 2 losses, 0 goals for and 11 goals against. Ouch! (Sorry CJ, couldn't resist!).

That's it for this week. Enjoy the next 7 days of sports, whether that be Champions League matches, or Six Nations and don't forget to tag #SportsVizSunday in any sports viz you create!

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