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Weekly Roundup 02.19.2023

Another week of great sport! Stokes captained us to a win against New Zealand in the first test, We have the arsenal man city saga for top of the table, all whilst trying to find time to watch the six nations. Even with a schedule that busy, as a community we STILL find time to build visualisations.

A quick trip across the pond, last Sunday saw the unwinding of the Super Bowl final. Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 38–35 in Arizona. To celebrate, Tableau put together 38 visualisations from previous years. Great to see the list includes some SportsVizSunday regulars like Jeff, Bo and Sam. The post is a fantastic example of all the different types of sports analytics that are on offer from receiver routes to game predictions and stadium mappings.

We missed it in last weeks (woops!) Mich delighted us with this Super Bowl viz in the lead up the the match. Check out the player ratings for each team and salary comparisons. Mich's win probability just goes to show why the score was so close.

How cool is it that Bo managed to get his screen print signed by Nick Lima & Jon Gallagher from Austin FC? Bo uses a combination of lines, pies and dots to showcase the score and possession within the playoff season, sticking to the clubs white and green branding.

Brett explores the relationships of MVP's to margin of victory. The key stand out from the radial is obviously New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Loving the way it filters the view to see which years the wins were in. Why not dive into the viz more and check it out compared to his stats with the Buccaneers

Needed to include this visual, not simply for the time to get from one box to another, but more so love the idea of building out goal sequences, putting in each of the different actions from challenges, duals, carries and passes. I'm sure these visuals come off great in less scrappy play.

Gerald brings us a court distribution of showing the different services returns faced on both first and second serves, through using the courtvision data.

Would love to see more and more court plots in months to come, especially as we see the tennis industry make slight movements towards more easily accessible public data.

Sports legend Todd Whitehead makes a Tableau appearance with his trade tracker. Clicking on each of the different logos brings up the connections between clubs and the players moving between them. A really effective way of using club logos and player images on a map. I had to download this one to see how Todd built all the different mappings!

I wanted to close the visuals out with this youtube video. Bit rogue I know, but Darragh share it with me and it's great if you like football analytics. The main reason I point it out, is I love the interactivity of having the charts and then the explanation through hand gestures to help explain the different elements. You'll see Bruno's pass map and chances created in the first few minutes - do you think this is the new way of exploring and explaining information?

Anyway, I'm off to go get settled in for the West Ham - Spurs game. I will leave you with the friendly reminder that we are closing out the GamesNightViz collab soon so get those last minute entries in! Loved them so far and we will look to do something to celebrate them all separately.

Catch you all next week for more content.

Take Care,

CJ & The #SportsVizSunday Crew

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