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Weekly Roundup 01.21.2024

Happy Sunday all, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to.

Another incredible week for sport and as much as I'd love to talk about the Australian Open, all eyes this week really must go to the darts. The focus really is on Luke Littler, hitting a nine darter in the Bahrain Masters and going on to beat MVG 8-5 in the final. Littler also became the youngest person to make a nine-darter (on tv) and is only the second player to achieve the feat in the World Series, which started in 2013, after 16-time world champion Phil Taylor. To be able to talk about Littler and Phil Taylor in the same breathe is pretty special.

Let's dive into some of our favourite vizzes from this week.

A further shout out goes to Bo for his radial viz of College Football. We do love to see a radial, and I love the various layers to the visual and how he has managed to add enough context through the labels subtly. Great to see it get Viz of the day.

Elisa highlights the work of Caleb for what is his first ever entry to Back to Viz Basics. Open up this viz to take a look at average player salary, minimum salary and the gap between them. It's wonderful to see how Caleb's portfolio has been growing, and this piece really takes that next step towards thoughtful design in terms of color on the page, Z form alignment and padding.

McKay is back doing technical Mckay things as usual. If you haven't seen his youtube videos by now maybe you live under a rock. He is one of my go to people for all things soccer analytics and has recently published a course that is well worth checking out. Below you can check out his site where you can pick a team and an opponent and plot the different pass maps for that game.

I write two blogs this week, the first is a code tutorial on webscraping transfermarkt data using a beautifulsoup package.

The follow up blog looks at adding in a few more details to the code as well as visualising the data in Tableau with an index and page parameter. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you get time.

Closing out this week with a few works highlighted from Rob Taylor this week. We use the SportsVizSunday platform to raise the voices of those in the community that have a shared passion for sports and data and love seeing both new faces and returning faces week in week out. If anyone is looking to take that first leap into the sporting world of data, do give me or one of the other hosts a message on Twitter (X).

That's all for this week. Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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