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Weekly Round-Up 12.6.2020

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Let's jump right into this week's awesome content from the #SportsVizSunday community.

First off, if you're a baseball fan at all, this webinar will surely capture your attention. Sig Mejdal is the assistant GM for the Baltimore Orioles and is a well-recognized figure in the sports analytics community. See how he breaks down pitch data from MLB pitches to profile what types of pitches they throw. It's extremely fascinating!

If you watched any F1 last weekend, there was a horrific crash that Romain Grosjean was lucky to survive. It reminded me of the viz by Mateusz Karmalski below.

By the same author, this viz is a timelapse of the race mentioned above.

#SportsVizSunday member Kate Brown reminds us that we are an all-inclusive data community, not just a Tableau community. If you all know folks who would be interested in this initiative, please let them know!

Our data set for this month's data challenge is about women in sports. Kate has taken this data and made a viz showing participation in high school golf.

Again, Kate Brown shows why she's one of the best to do it with this viz on US Women's Champion scores by round from 1947-2019.

Sadly, soccer legend Maradona passed away recently. Check out Aashique's nod to him.

Neil consistently creates interesting, artful visualizations and this one for the Premier League is a great example.

Yash Kohli created this great viz on Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. I love seeing and learning more about Cricket from the SVS community.

This is a really cool page to check out. Thanks for sharing @AtloTeam!

This is a really cool golf viz by Tableau Zen Master Lindsay Betzendahl. I'm sure the golf fans of #SportsVizSunday will especially enjoy this one.

Check out this viz on the Biathlon event by RJ Weise.

I haven't seen Peter McKeever ever make a bad visualization. Make sure to check out his soccer analytics!

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, Alex Varlamov shows us mere mortals how to attempt to mimic his wizardry.

We are really excited to have #SportsVizSunday to be on Instagram now! If you're on that platform, make sure to go check it out.

To end this week's round-up, we would like to thank everyone who has participated in this initiative and those who nominated us for the 2020 Data Literacy Awards. You can vote on the awards using the link below.

Thanks again to all of you who take out time from your day to participate in our monthly data challenges, to engage in weekly discussions on sports and analytics, and to read through our weekly round-up. We appreciate you all! Have a great #SportsVizSunday

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