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Weekly Round-Up 12.05.2021

Confession time, for the eagle eyed amongst you, you will have noted this week's viz round up is being published post the Sunday, why you may ask? Blame an enthralling Saudi Arabia Grand Prix which lasted 2 hours 50 minutes instead of the usual hour and a half and me losing track of time whilst I shouted a Max Verstappen on the TV for some crazy, dangerous driving (a. Sorry to any Max fans amongst you and b. Yes I know they couldn't hear me!).

So, without further delay lets jump in! First off let's shine a light on the December #SportsVizSunday challenge which was announced by Kate Brown on Sunday (clearly Kate has better things to do than watch F1!). The December challenge is to viz your favourite sports story of 2021; any sport, any story, any data, the choice is completely yours.

Now onto the vizzes. I wanted to start by showcasing a sports related viz from another community initiative, #ProjectHealthViz where part of the December challenge focuses on the cost of sports participation for children in the US. Following his outstanding IronViz creation, it will not surprise you that Pradeep Kumar G has wowed us with another viz; the dandelion chart used in this viz is outstanding and I love so many of the design choices. Great job Pradeep and what a fantastic challenge set by #ProjectHealthViz, it is well worth checking out the data set.

Also created by the Tableau Community is this creation by Branden Kornell who visualised his Scavenger Hunt experience. The map, the callouts, there is so much to enjoy, and yes we are confirming Scavenger Hunting is 100% a sport before anyone says anything!

We still have another fourteen vizzes to showcase, so to try and add some semblance of structure I am going to order these by the sport being vizzed! First up, football (not the American type) and Preethi visualised the 2021 Ballon d'Or winner, Lionel Messi.

This one by Yash was a real highlight for me this week, her analysis of completed 'deep' passes across the Top 5 European Leagues... the small multiples works so well and the design is outstanding, thanks so much Yash for tagging #SportsVizSunday in the viz.

Moving to vizzes we have spotted this week, but not tagged vizzes, football featured highly in the 'wow' moments this week. Last View created an animated playback of AC Milan's first goal in their return to the Champions League this season.

We missed this one when Jon Ollington published his viz back in mid November but boy is it a great example of a simple chart done well; comparing Premier League players goals v expected goals for this season to date.

In honour of our newest #SportsVizSunday team member, CJ Mayes, we had to feature this viz by OptaJoe who looked at the pressures applied by CR7 in the Man Utd v Arsenal game.

Now Luton Town may not be the most glamorous of clubs, sorry you Hatters fans, but the account of Luton Town Analytics is well worth a follow on Twitter. They are doing days of VizMas during December and so far the vizzes have been fantastic. This example looks at the different ways Championship clubs have scored so far this season.

Two more to come for football; DataLabs created this analysis of passing stats by Mo Salah and Sadio Mane. Great design, great animation.

To finish up for the football vizzes I had to leave this one until last as it is simply outstanding. Mohammed Hussein visualised the relationships between all international matches played in Arab countries since 1957. I will say no more other than, wow.

From Football to Cricket. The #TidyTuesday initiative has seen some great vizzes developed recently and this one by Jamie Hudson was no exception, his analysis of "does winning the toss influence One Day International results?" was such a great example of a chart done well and analysis delivering great insights.

Icaro Bernardes also participated in #TidyTuesday and created sports cards for international cricket teams.

Staying with Cricket and #TidyTuesday Nicola Rennie analysed the internationals played by Scotland since 1996.

Moving across to the US and Basketball, the team at Positive Residual analysed the Memphis Grizzlies 73 point victory over the Thunder.

And last one for Basketball, this scatter plot of 3 point creation v 3 point shot making really made the legend Steph Curry, stand out. What a performance!

Last week this viz gives a shoutout to the Power BI community and College Football Data who analysed the Bearcat's winning percentage through every game this season.

So that's all folks. What a week. Thank you for all the vizzes created and shared, keep them coming and we will keep showcasing them, except of course if England get hammered in the first test of the Ashes, that topic will be very much off limits!

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