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Weekly Round-up 11.14.2021

Hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to get outdoors! It was a pretty decent November weekend in New England and it was great to see the Pats beat Cleveland. I'm pleasantly surprised by the Pats!

I hope those of you who participated in the Tableau conference enjoyed the sessions, braindates, and doctor sessions. I loved my braindate with Abbie, Anna, Mary, Sarah, and Tina. We generated a lot of great ideas for 2022 challenges!

Thank you to everyone who created a viz for our mini #data21 challenges. You all were creative with the data set and I loved seeing all the visualizations. Stay tuned to see who won the $50 for the Tableau store.

Challenge Visualizations:

I enjoyed exploring this visualization from Dennis. I spent a lot of time hovering in the network diagram. Thanks for participating and for being a part of the SVS community!

This is a great viz from Simon and the Twitter link is a nice addition! I'm looking forward to working with you on SVS!

I like this jitter plot from Luther. The addition of the parameters to switch the dimensions & the Twitter link are great touches. Great viz Luther!

Abbie's viz is fun! Great idea to focus on one of the challenges and I love the Olympic ring design.

Preethi also used a jitter plot in her Tableau viz. Thanks so much for participating in our challenge Preethi - hope to see more SVS visualizations from you soon!

I spent a fair amount of time reliving prior blog posts while explorting Rob's viz. I liked being able to explore by sport or by week. Thanks for all your support over the years to SVS, we love seeing what you create with the data sets.

This is a fantastic Tableau visualization from Jessica. I love the nod to the SVS logo!

Sam's Tableau visualization has great interactivity. I love seeing what Sam creates and we're lucky to have you in our SVS community!

I enjoyed this Tableau visualization Dave created. There is great interactivity and it is amazing to see some of those Tableau view counts. Thanks for your support Dave!

Non Challenge:

Fabio created this Tableau public visualization that looks at the impact of new NBA rules on free throws & scoring.

Ervin created this Tableau public visualization using a MakeoverMonday data set to show the most popular sports in the US.

Jon created this comet chart with matplotlib to show how the Premier Leagues compare YOY on pressing.

Philip created his first SVS viz using Tableau public and Figma on Barry Bonds. Great first viz Philip & look forward to seeing more SVS visualizations from you!

John created this Tableau public viz for the top 100 fantasy football (American) players. This is a pretty cool spaghetti/bump chart!

SVS regular, Mateusz created this viz for Robert Lewandowski's 100th champion league match.

Vignesh created this extensive Tableau public visualization on Sir Alain Prost career. This viz is jam packed with information!

I love the fun design in Jessica's Cam Newton viz. Looks like Cam's new home is the same as the old home.

And finally, thank you Simon for the fantastic Ryder Cup viz. There may or may not be a Solheim Cup on in the works for you :)

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and look for details on the December challenge soon!

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