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Weekly Round-Up 11.06.2022

It's been a great weekend, I got two rounds of golf in (which is not guaranteed for this time of year in New England) and some how the Patriots won. Congratulations to all the Astros fans and condolences to all the Phillies fans.

There are a number of Tableau Iron Viz entries included in this week's round-up. Congratulations to everyone who submitted an entry!

I'm going to kick this week's round-up off with the non Iron Viz entries that caught my eye.

It's a good thing Philly has the Eagles right now. They can ease the pain of the World Series loss knowing the Eagles are the only undefeated team in the NFL. I love the waffles in this visualization from DataVizMitc.

Danzn1 created a plottable using Women's World Cup. I love a well designed table and this is a create example. See the thread for more information on how you can create these types of tables with matplotlib.

VisualGame greated this great bar chart on the all time Premier League scores. Haaland had a great start to the season!

Dom created this fantastic visualization to show Franz' season stats in 10 games stretches. I think this is well designed and is easy to understand. See the thread for more players. Great stuff Dom!

Be sure to follow PO4 Pompey Stats for some great visualizations from Simon.


All of the visualizations below were tagged on Twitter as being a Tableau Iron Viz entry. Congratulations & well done to everyone who submitted an entry! I'm not going to comment on these but wanted share them all & showcase the fa














Chris - 2003 Rugby World Cup Final

Congratulations everyone for getting an IronViz created! Well done!

Have a great week and stay tuned for our next challenge which will be posted in a couple of weeks.

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