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Weekly Round-up 10.03.2021

Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the Pats - Bucs game tonight. I'm hoping that the crowd in Foxboro gives TB12 a great reception. I'd doubt the Pats will win the game, but I'm looking forward to seeing what type of QB Mac turns into over the next few years.

We've got one more week for this month's collaboration with Sarah Bartlett & her Iron Quest project, excited to see some more submissions this week.

Abbie created two netball visualizations with Tableau. I love the bump charts in her Geva Mentor viz.

Frederic crated another viz on Zidane this week. It is fun to see people experiment with different chart types!

The circular timeline in this visualization from Will on Chrissie Wellington, 4 x Ironman World Champion is great! Even more impressive is that Will has finished an Ironman!

Simon created another stunning Tableau visualization on Lewis Hamiltion. Great viz Simon!

Gareth also used Tableau and our September UFC data to create this viz. Thanks for participating in one of our challenges Gareth!

I'm a fan of everything Sam creates and this Tableau visualization on Legendary NFL Quarterbacks is a great example why. I spent a fair amount of time exploring different QBs. Well done!

Hope everyone has a great week and go Pats!

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