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Weekly Round-Up 1.17.2021

Happy Sports Viz Sunday everyone! This week we're highlighting visualizations that range from Rugby to NASCAR (be sure to congratulate Cassie for her Tableau Viz of the Day on Jimmie Johnson). There is still time to create a viz for the January challenge. Be sure to use #SportsVizSunday in your Tweet!

Thanks Nicolas for participating in the January challenge! Nicolas looked at the relationship between BMI & age for Premier League players. You can check out Tableau viz here.

Vignesh looks at the WWE careers of John Cena and Randy Orton in this Tableau viz.

This spray chart from Darren William on DJ LeMahieu's career hits caught my eye. If you are a MLB fan be sure to check out Darren's site

Congratulations to Cassie for her recent VOTD for her Tableau visualization on Jimmie Johnson's career!

Be sure to check out Corey's Lineup Lowdown series on the NBA. Corey's using story points in his Tableau viz with a new point for each day.

Check out this NHL Contract Outlook visualization from Riley. Be sure to scroll down and interact with the Top Contracts by position. Looking forward to seeing more sports visualizations from Riley.

Maram created this great curvy bump chart showing Man U's rise to the top.

Carrick created this Tableau visualization that links data and video from the England v New Zealand Rugby Semi Final.

Have a good week and happy sports vizzing!

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