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Weekly Round-up 09.26.2021

2/3 of the SportsVizSunday team are happy tonight. Arsenal won and the US won the Ryder Cup!

This week we're featuring 6 Tableau visualizations that were created for our monthly challenge with #IronQuest. There's still time to enter this month's challenge, the deadline this month is October 10th.

Frederic created this visualization on Zinedine Zidane one of France's all time best footballers.

Kirk created this Tableau visualization where you can compare Phil Mickelson's official world ranking stats against the 15 other players who achieved the #1 rank.

Adam also used Tableau to visualize the women's tennis US Open finals. There are a lot of great design choices in this visualization and that match was a blast to watch. Great work Adam!

This Tableau visualization from Simon is bold just like it's subject, Dennis Rodman.

I like the angle Rob took with this month's challenge. Instead visualizing one of the great all time boxers he focused on the journeymen boxers. These unsung heroes exist in all sports.

Reinhard also used Tableau in this visualization on the long jump match between Mike Powell & Carl Lewis. This was a neat way to show the jumps.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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