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Weekly Round-Up 09.04.2021

Hope everyone had a good weekend and hope all of our US community members enjoy the long weekend! I'm fired up for the Solheim Cup finals tomorrow, I'm expecting a close result and can't wait for the Maguire/Kupcho match. These two rookies have been impressive.

This week we saw a wide range of sports including UFC, American football, football/futbol/soccer, baseball, hockey, and NBA.

August Challenge:

We're closing out the August challenge with two more visualizations.

Scott created this Tableau public viz on the male UFC division champions. I like the hover interactivity in this viz. Thanks for participating Scott!

I used the UFC data set to create a snapshot view on Amanda "the Lioness" Nunes career.

American Football:

Bo created this fantastic Tableau visualization on the history of Michigan's football team. There is a lot of information packed into this viz.

Jared created this shiny app that looks at whether or not to for it on 4th down based on yards to go and distance from the opponent's end zone.

The New England Patriots released Cam Newton and Mac Jones' will be the starting QB. pat pAItriot created this visualization that looks at mean EPA for comparable quarterbacks to Jones. I'm hoping Jones has a good year!

Anthony created this radial bar visualization of the Cleveland Brown's 53 man roster.


Mo created this Tableau visualization that looks at Walthamstow Football Club goals scored/goals against and match results from the 2018/19 season forward.


This Tableau visualization from Matthew caught my eye. He looked at every player from a world series team and how they got together and how they got away.


Jared created this Tableau visualization that depicts the career of Mike Modano. I like the use of the timeline in this viz.


Ali used Tableau to create a review of the 2020/2021 NBA season. I like the side bar interactivity on this one.

Synergy Sports created a couple of interesting visualizations in this analysis of the NBA summer league performance.

Hope everyone has a great week and happy vizzing. Details on our September challenge will be posted soon!

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