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Weekly Round-Up 08.21.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hello, sports fans!

A smaller round-up this week as no doubt most of us are either enjoying well-deserved holidays or just coming back from one and re-evaluating our goals for the second part of the year.

Sporting 'highlights' for me this past week include the dip in England crickets current rollercoaster ride after being comprehensively beaten by South Africa and the continuing soap opera at Manchester United. The 'look at me when I'm talking to you!' comment from Sky Sports Jamie Redknapp directed towards Gary Neville during the post morton of United's 4-0 thrasing at the hands of Brentford was a watch again moment. For those that didn't see it or have no idea what I'm talking about, check it out below.

Right, let's get going with the round-up!

F1: Lights Out & Away We Go! takes a look at driver consistency over the 2022 season so far. It's easy to pick out those drivers which have placed consistently and those who have had more turbulent seasons so far. A nice view and if you like what you see here then do check out more in the article linked here.

This visualisation from the Axios Tampa Bay newsletter and Ben Montgomery was picked up by the team when it was shared by Jacque Schrag. I love the simplicity of this showing how the recent home run by Randy Arozarena of the Tampa Bay Rays compares with the longest home run in history and other useful measures. Has a new chart name been christened - The Baseball chart?!

I love it when a slightly less common sport comes across the desk here at Sports Viz Sunday. In this case, Marius has taken a look at the Volleyball Nations League and has built a highly interactive dashboard. I spent a bit of time exploring this and there is some great functionality on offer. What I enjoyed most though was the project tab in which Marius outlines his process for building this viz. including an impressive Alteryx flow diargram.

Alberto OraaEver wanted to get to grips with Alteryx using a subject matter that you love, in this case, football? Well, now you can! Our very own CJ Mayes has teamed up with the amazing Alberto Oraa and Half-time Heroes who have written this epic two-part guide to not only gather your data together but then build an automated tracker in Tableau. Simply fantastic.

Check out part one below from Alberto.

Closely followed by the equally amazing part 2 with Halftime Heroes.

Finally, let me remind you of the fantastic Commonwealth Games data set we have available for our August monthly challenge. If you are having a bit of visualisation downtime over the summer then it's an easy way to get back into the swing of things. No need to look for data, simply download it, put it into your tool of choice, and see what stories you can tell. Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

That's all for now, have a great week.

Simon and the Sports Viz Sunday team.

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