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Weekly Round-Up 07.31.2022

Welcome #SportsVizSunday fans to another round-up of the best sports vizzes created across the data viz community.

Before I jump into the vizzes I just wanted to take a moment to recognise and celebrate the Women's Euros that come to a conclusion at Wembley Stadium this evening. Irrespective of whatever the final result may be (cough... it's coming home), the last 4 weeks have demonstrated what football can be when it is centered around families and celebrating talent, rather than being dominated by tribal hate and aggression. As a lifelong football fan, it has been so uplifting to witness not only the amazing progression of the women's game but also the carnival atmosphere in the stadiums and fan zones. One can only this carries over to the Men's World Cup in Qatar in December, but I fear there is more chance of Ferrari making a good strategy call, and that is saying something!

For the vizzes this week, the first focus has to be on cricket. Yash Sakhuja visualised the bowling of Buvi Kumar during the recent 2nd T20 international against England. An obvious hat tip should be given to Yash for the technical excellence through the use of Tableau map layers, but an even bigger hat tip should be given for the overall design and the outstanding insights available in the viz.

From cricket to baseball, #SportsVizSunday veteran Bo McCready analysed the MLB career of Dodgers legend, Sandy Koufax. There is some lovely visual encoding in the viz and the "spokes" of the baseball were a really creative way to show 12 seasons of Sandy's career.

Sticking with baseball, Kevin Flerlage spoilt us with an example of a table done well. Clean. Concise and packed full of clever touches such as a the left, rand hand symbols. And also a shout out to #SportsVizSunday regular Mateusz Karmalksi for being the inspiration behind the design.

A superb Tour De France finished this week and it gave Rob Radburn the ideal excuse to replicate his legendary viz from 2018 to analyse the 2022 results. As always Rob is not one to blow his own trumpet, so I will do it for him. 2 colours used, a set of line charts, sounds simple doesn't it? Well simple or not the design worked in 2018 and it continues to wow in 2022. It is so striking and eye catching and so easy to engage with, great work, Rob.

I end this week's round-up where I started, with football. Thanoshaan Thayalan used inspiration from CJ Mayes and Priya Padham to analyse the winning nations of the Men's FIFA World Cup.

Last up, but still on the football theme, is the 2022/23 home kit of Reading. It is not only amazing to see a football club draw attention to climate change, but especially so when they do it through integrating a "viz" into their kit design. Check out the sleeves and be reminded of Ed Hawkins thought provoking and memorable "Warming Stripes" data visualisation.

That's it for this week. For fans of England and Germany, good luck for this evening, and for fans of football in general, enjoy the culmination of a memorable tournament which has been jam packed with amazing talent and outstanding goals (if you still haven't seen Alessia Russo's back heel, where have you been all week?!).

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