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Weekly Round-Up 07.24.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hi all,

Welcome back to another week of sports vizzes. An early one this week, as I'm about to pop out to go play some paddle tennis and enjoy some London sunshine today. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Mo from the team in person - so nice to be able to connect, and share our passion for data visualisation and sport. Can't wait for the day we get to bring the community together face to face to share a similar feeling.

So.... Two VOTD's from this months dataset so far! Jessica Moon follows Simon Beaumont's success last week, this time looking at individuals performance relative to shooting par. A striking use of golf ball imagery with the players nation overlaid. Great stuff!

Keep those golf vizzes coming, still a few more weeks left with that challenge!

Onto the rest of the content for this week,

Yash brings this awesome games result visualisation from Real Madrid's 21/22 season, with some well designed layers as well as tooltips. Yash is on a roll recently with the vizzes, if you aren't already, give him a follow!

Stumbled across this cool use of the lollipop chart from Aaron Simmons, if you're a Red Sox or Yankees fan I hope you have deeper pockets!

Bo McCready gained a lot of positive reception on reddit by posting his radial chart of the variety of and consistency of American Professional Sports. Click to check out how 2020 compares to the 2021 calendar.

Next time I'm in America I have told myself I HAVE to attend a sports game.

Sam looks at floor raisers and ceiling raisers. Floor raisers are those that demand the ball, whilst ceiling raisers are less concerned for the ball, but focus more on movement on the pitch. Check out some of the metrics Sam uses within. A really nice visualisation supported with some clean player images and use of colour call-outs.

Two F1 infographic from Mateusz Karmalski this week, and they do not disappoint. The first of which looks at F1 longest team pairings with Schumacher / Barrichello coming out on top.

The second is this awesome gradient fading comet chart. Mateusz Karmalski uses a subtle textured background to really bring the viz to life. Well worth following his account F1_charts if you enjoy F1!

Tim Bayer creates this pretty awesome visualisation showcasing Manchester United performance stats. Can you believe this is all done in Matplotlib?? Great to see the variety in tools used in the community. I am personally loving the table having split colour marks for each individual column.

Lastly, Dom Samangy shares with us a resource for a bunch of different sports analytics tutorials. Go check them out, hopefully something for everyone in there.

That's all for this week.

Have a restful remainder of your weekend, and take care,

CJ & The SportsVizSunday Crew

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