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Weekly Round-Up 07.03.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Happy Sunday sports visualisation fans (and happy Fantasy Premier League price reveals week to those who play too).

It's been another great week of sport. We're almost halfway through Wimbledon with some great tennis under our belt, the Tour de France has started in Denmark and England's men's and women's cricket teams have been showing their stuff against India and South Africa. One of the things I really enjoy about being part of this community is wondering which events will go on to appear in a visualisation in future years... there's a lot of inspiration out there whether you're an old hand or a newcomer.

With that, it's time to turn to some of this week's visualisations! First up is Abbie Taylor asking what is the best England football song of all time? This was a submission for this month's collaborative challenge between #SportsVizSunday and #DataPlusMusic. I love this visualisation, from the jukebox-style artwork menu at the top through to the small multiples showing how the selected song performed in the charts around each major men's football championship since the song was released. Looking through the information, there is a clear answer to which one is the best song!

Next up is Bo McCready looking at Brad Stuver's recent nomination for the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Awards. This also marks the first time that a soccer (football) player has been shortlisted for this award, which is given to an athlete whose continuous, demonstrated leadership has created a measured positive impact on their community through sports. I hadn't heard of this award before, and Bo's visualisation makes a great primer on who has won it before, and which sports are played by the short-listed athletes.

Mateusz Karmalski has updated his extensive F1 Results Tracker and showcased the Head to Head focus. Mateusz has built an incredible amount of customisation into this tab, allowing the reader to compare the things that they think are most important to an F1 performance. I really like this level of flexibility to draw the reader in by making their choices part of the analysis.

Ole Miss recently won the NCAA Baseball Men's College World Series, celebrated by Christian Felix in his very engaging visualisation. I love the design style and colours that Christian used to show which teams and conferences have been dominant through time. There are so many different elements to this visualisation, all of which tell a little piece of the whole story, and Christian has weaved them together brilliantly.

Krisztina Szűcs is a regular feature on these pages because of the quality of her visualisations showing how the scores in different games develop. I never get bored looking at these as they give a real flavour of the game, and it's interesting to see how Krisztina took inspiration from her own previous work in visualising the Water Polo World Championships. I always enjoy getting a sneak peak behind the curtain of how other people work.

I'm going to round up with my own #SportsVizSunday and #DataPlusMusic visualisation. I was interested to see how the Super Bowl half-time tracks represent popular music of the time. I used Spotify's API to pull out a handful of features for each of the Super Bowl half-time tracks and Billboard's Top 100 songs for each year. I'd already had the idea of trying to represent it as a series of notes on a musical staff and I used Tableau's map layers to draw it all out.

That's it from me this week. Remember that you can always go back to any of the datasets from our previous monthly challenge (including this month's collaboration with #DataPlusMusic) if you fancy practising something new.

Mo & the #SVS team

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