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Weekly Round-Up 06.26.2022

Welcome sports and data viz fans to another #SportsVizSunday weekly round-up.

A lot is happening in the world of sports right now, the re-invention of the England Cricket team continues at pace and we are on the verge of splendor that is 14 days of amazing tennis at Wimbledon. For those of you missing football, this week saw the fixtures for the forthcoming season were announced in England. Before you all ask, the big opening day fixture sees Portsmouth host Lincoln City at Fratton Park, although somewhat puzzlingly Sky Sports have yet to confirm they will be televising it 😕.

Enough of the sporting news though, let's "jump" straight to the data viz news.... jump you say? You got it, this week I kick off with the Basketball visualisation talents of Todd Whitehead. At #SportsVizSunday we have featured Todd a fair few times in our round-ups and he has a talent for embedding imagery in area charts. This week Todd treated us to a really smart analysis of the leading scorers by zones in the 2022 NCAA D1 Season. Clean. Easy to understand. Visually engaging.

I'm not sure we have featured too many speed skating visualisations in the past, let alone a speed skating animated visualation; well thanks to Matthias Stahl and the Svelte Team that statement is no longer true! Check out how they used D3 to create a fantastically engaging viz, the pre-viz countdown, the tails of the skaters, the clever colour legend. This really is gold medal winning work.

Staying with the theme of animation, I am delighted to be able to share more work by the incredibly talented Krisztina Szucs. Krisztina visualised the times of the finalists at the Women's 200m Breaststroke competition at the 2022 World Aquatics Championships. The use of size and colour for the different races and the highlighting of the medalists really is a joy to behold. Also "dive in" to Krisztina's tweets for an updated version where you can then explore any of the swimming disciplines at the finals, not just the Women's 200m Breaststroke!

Moving from the water to the tarmac, Mateusz Karmalski created this table of F1 results so far this season. It is easy for people to belittle a table, but I would encourage anyone to check this one out. Mateusz has put so much thought into the highlighting, the interactivity and the labelling and there are so many insights to be had from the viz.

Finally this week I end with our monthly viz challenge "Sports and Music", a collaboration with #DataPlusMusic. It has been fantastic to see the vizzes start to trickle in and the latest viz has been created by Peter Anthony Kelley. Peter looked at Alan Parson's "Sirius" which was used as the Chicago Bulls intro song in the 1990s. I love the way Peter has gone beyond analysing only the song and called out when each of the players entered the court during the song, being called out by the iconic voice of Ray Clay.

That's all for this week, folks. I hope you have enjoyed the round-up and hopefully it has inspired your data viz juices enough to get involved in our June Sports and Music challenge. Keep the vizzes coming, keep tagging us in your tweets and we will do our best to showcase and celebrate your work.

Simon (the bald #SportsVizSunday variety)

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