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Weekly Round-Up 06.13.2021

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to watch or participate in their favorite sport this weekend. Once again, we're treated with some great visualizations from the community this week.

Excited to see more visualizations come in for our June challenge, the European Championship.

Simon used our challenge data set for the Euros 2020 and created this fantastic Tableau visualization that shows the historical results for the teams. There is a lot of information in this viz. I'm always inspired by Simon's work.

Priyanka used Tableau to compare two of the all time great tennis players. Djokovic pulled off the win in the semi-final match and handed Nadal a rare defeat on the clay.

Interested in seeing the age distribution for all the players in Euro 2020 and a great use of a bee-swarm? Then take a look at Ryan's Tableau visualization.

Explore the 2020/21 NBA season stats with this Tableau visualization from Luca. Great interactivity with this one Luca!

Whitney looked at the MLB stadium capacity rates for 2021. It would be nice to see those all back to 100% before the end of the season and I like the waffle charts!

Yash created this visualization with Tableau that compares the top goal scorers across the European football leagues. I love the color choices, they pop off the background color nicely.

Mateusz is back with another amazing visualization. Take a look at his Euro 2020 Tableau visualization. The design is great!

This visualization of 882,536 passes from 890 matches from Karim is mesmerizing.

Interested in analyzing football (soccer) and with Python? Check out this thread for all the tutorials that McKay has created.

Have a great week and happy sports vizzing!

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