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Weekly Round-Up 06.12.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hi all,

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air.....

Yes that is right... This month we are also treating you to our first ever collaboration with Sean Miller and his incredible #DataPlusMusic community initiative. Walk out songs, theme tunes, and classic sport chants. Anything from visualising national anthems, through to old school classic FIFA songs like Rockerfella skank. You can pick whatever you like!

Do some teams have pre game music rituals?

Can music settle the nerves?

Can music make you perform better?

I guess we should find out!

An early round-up this week as I'm off to go do some bouldering.


First up this week is Tina Covelli, with a MLB visual looking at pitching performance. I particularly love the framing of this visualisation and colour palette. I find the visual really appealing from soft reference lines and tidy labelling. Great job Tina.

Naresh stuns us once again with another F1 visualisation. I adore these mappings of the circuits. Naresh really should print out the whole series.

I just had to include this post on Linkedin from Ferran. What a beautiful sight seeing his work displayed on the way with the lovely radial brackets showcasing Rafa Nadals success. What an incredible achievement to get to 22 Grand Slams by Rafa, 14 now at Roland Garros.

Arjen blows us all away with this visualisation of weather for kitesurfing. He gives reference to the work of @NadiehBremer and @SonjaKuijpers. Would love to see this on Tableau Public soon. What a beautiful design.

Finally, I close out this week with a blog on how to use a python package to access cricket data. Let me know if you have any questions on it as I hope we can expand out the number of data sources and sports available for the crew.

Have a great week everyone and we will see you back next Sunday for some more awesome content.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday crew

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