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Weekly Round-Up 05.29.2022

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that those of you in the US take time to acknowledge all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. While most of us look at this as the official start to summer, let's not lose sight of the importance of this holiday.

Congrats to all the Real Madrid fans. We've got a number of football visualizations this week and I'm probably the worst person on the SVS crew to talk about football but I'm giving it my best this week. Can you all please give me some golf visualizations when it is my week :)

We've got a couple of days left in our Snooker challenge and we'd love to see a few more before we get our June challenge up.

Monthly snooker challenge:

Rob visualized the Snooker World Championship finals from 1980 forward. I like the parameter actions to switch between the metrics and the use of the red to show where the runner-up out preformed the winner. Thanks for participating in our May challenge Rob!

I always love seeing what Adam creates and this visualization for the Snooker World Championship is great! Adam focuses on highlighting the outstanding performances from the runner-ups. The tool tips in this Tableau viz are fantastic.

I love the simplicity of this visualization from David. He looks at the 8 players who made it to the finals of the Snooker World Championship 3+ times since 1977. Well done David and thanks for participating in our May challenge!

And now onto the football (soccer visualizations)

Chris producing some great visualizations lately including this one on the Champions League final. Chris visualizes the how the 13 teams that have won the championship have fared in other years. I enjoyed exploring this one.

Vivek uses matplotlib to display the xG created v. xG conceded for the champions of the 5 Eurpoean leagues. Thanks for sharing this with us Vivek and we look forward to seeing more sports visualizations from you!

Daniel used Tableau & Figma to create this visualization of Tomas Soucek season with both West Ham & the Czech Republic. I love the calendar view Daniel!

Damola looked at the impact of the 2026 FIFA Men's World cup in this Tableau visualization. As a non-football person I loved the additional text in this visualization. I think the mark of a great visualization is when someone who isn't familiar with the subject matter can understand the point.

This is a great thread from Andy, and it is interesting to see the iteration of the charts. I'm a big fan of the slope graph and I think this is a great example. I also thought the use of points instead of ranking shows the variation across the team & seasons better. I'm a big fan of your work Andy and I'm excited to include you in our round-up!

These two threads/articles from the Financial Times on the Champions League are interesting and have great visualizations.

John's article looks at the widening financial gap between the Premier League and the rest of the Champions League.

Sam & Patrick's article with visualizations from Steven Bernard looks at the Champions League final game between Liverpool & Real Madrid.

The FT has some of the best visualizations and analysis and these articles are two great examples.

This map from Andres is a fun way to show the most googled pro sports team by state.

This is a great bump chart from Ben on the AFL teams who have been at the top at least once. I love how Ben highlighted just those teams in the chart and faded the rest of the teams.

Bo visualizes Mark Noble's 18 year career with West Ham in this Tableau visualization. I love that Bo makes is Tableau public workbooks available for downloading, it is always interesting to see different approaches. Pretty cool use of pie charts, Bo!

Vivek also created this interesting visualization on the IPL teams. I felt like this visual conveyed the different styles of each of the teams well. I'm going to have to learn more about the IPL and hope to see more from Vivek on how the teams fare in the playoffs.

Motor Race Addict shared their 2022 F1 season Tableau visualizations with us and it is updated after each Grand Prix race. I learned a fair amount in the Qualifying Knockout Analysis section. Thanks for sharing with us!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and remember there are a couple of more days to get your snooker viz in!

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