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Weekly Round-up 01.23.2022

What's got 13 superstars and can get an adoring crowd on their feed in admiration of what they have just seen? A rugby league team? Close, but no, it is this week's #SportsVizSunday round-up where we have 13 amazing contributions from across the data-viz community to share with you all.

Naturally we start with content created as part of our January 2022 #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge; the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (or SPOTY for those of you who love an abbreviation!).

At #SportsVizSunday we are honoured by the regular participation from Dennis Kao and Dennis was at it again this week, with an analysis of SPOTY winners by sports. I really enjoyed the sports labelling and subtle touches like the sizing of the circles and embedding of white dots for multiple winners.

The #SportsVizSunday team love to practice what we preach and that is why you will often find us participating in the monthly challenges, often inspired by all your fantastic creations. This week Simon Rowe treated us to a circular sankey analysing the sports and timeline of SPOTY winners. The colours really help the viz to pop and the 'Roll of Honour' is a really nice touch to make the individual winners really accessible.

When it comes to #SportsVizSunday royalty there are few more deserving of that title than our founding member James Smith. Not only has James mastered Tableau and wowed us with many vizzes, he is now taking on using D3, and created this absolutely beauty, on Observable. I love the clarity the clustering gives, and the dynamic labelling is really clean; I did wonder one thing, if the gender could have been colour coded to remove the need for Male / Female text labels being visible, but that really is a minor suggestion to what is a fantastic creation.

That's all of our viz challenge entries for this week, but do not forget our January challenge is still open for another week, so do keep the vizzes coming, it has been a fantastic start to 2022 with your SPOTY challenge vizzes already resulting in one Viz of the Day on Tableau Public!

It is always an absolute pleasure when I am able to showcase a Damola Ladipo visualisation; Damola really is one of the most talented data viz designers out there and his latest NFL small multiple on the hiring of minority head coaches since the Rooney Rule really is another belter. There is so much to admire. The white space, the continuity of the labelling, the custom shape used for the waffle charts. It all just works, and I haven't even mentioned the switch to the 2nd view embedded in the viz, top work, Damola.

The #IronViz 2022 feeder is in full flow at the moment and anyone familiar with #IronViz will no doubt by familiar with the 2018 #IronViz Europe Champion, Klaus Schulte. This week Klaus published a curved ranked timelines of NBA all time point leaders. Looks good? Yep, but go deeper to admire the interactivity and dynamic labelling... as always Klaus pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible in Tableau.

Keeping with some of the top talent on Tableau Public, Filippo Mastroianni looked at the big 3 of male tennis with some fantastic layered analysis, allowing you to dive into results by surface, by year, there is so much to admire. For me the real strength of the viz is the fact there are so many insights available, but at no times does the viz overwhelm you, and as always with a Filippo viz, the design is clean and engaging.

It is always a highlight for us when we get to showcase a new member of the #SportsVizSunday community. Daniel Musil shared his first #SportsVizSunday viz, looking at his year of running through Strava. There is some great use of annotation and I am still in awe at the fact Daniel ran 1.000km in 2021. Thanks for sharing the viz with us, Daniel and we look forward to enjoying more of your vizzes in the future. PS the Slavia Prague viz on your Tableau Public profile is pretty damn good too!

And now onto Football. Time to take a breather as be warned there is a lot, and it is not just quantity, there is quality in there too! First up I wanted to showcase not a viz, but a blog post that supports you to do some pretty amazing things in Tableau. Our very own CJ Mayes has taken the time to share with you how to create your own voronoi football pitches the Tableau. As always with CJ the write up is technically sound and the technique is super impressive, well worth checking out.

It is a given the Pep's Man City team from this year and last are at the top of their game, and you really start to appreciate just how they achieve this when people take the time to effort their style of play and tactics. When Jamie Scott does analysis, he really does analysis, and this one is no exception. I love the depth of the insights and yet the visuals remain easy to engage with and understand, which is a fantastic achievement.

I really love this unit chart by @PlaceHolder2004 who looks at how goals have been conceded by Premier League teams this season. One word. Clean. Second word. Fantastic. For me the design simply pops and I found it quite refreshing how he chose to leave out any BANs, in my opinion it helps us focus on the primary purpose of the viz, the profiles of the goals conceeded.

Our final viz this week comes courtesy of Bhuvanesh Daran who analyses the goalkicks taken in the Premier League so far this season. As a fan of a lower league football side I am always amazed by the skill Premier League teams demonstrate when they play out from the back and this viz really showcases the approach of Man City and Chelsea, but there are also some surprising ones in there for me. You can see how Patrick Viera has changed the style of Crystal Palace this year, the pitch map is pretty neat too!

To finish with this week I share a tutorial by Daniel Linke who, on Towards Data Science, shared how to render 3D football pass networks. Mind simply blown. Seriously, good is not doing it anywhere near justice and Daniel has already given us a teaser by saying he is trying to created an animated verison of the pass networks. I genuinely cannot wait.

So that's all for this week, thanks to everyone for all the amazing content, as always, our promise to you is that if you keep it coming, we will keep showcasing it for you. Simples.

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