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Weekly Round-up 01.16.2022

Hi all,

What a week it's been!

& No I'm not referring to the Bengals winning their play-off game...

Where better off to start than to celebrate two sports vizzes that have made #VOTD in the past week.

The first of which is from Rafael Centeno Pérez who visualised the 2021 F1 Season. Such a beautifully designed visualisation including a head to head title breakdown, grid positioning as well as race statistics. From a design perspective I love the softer colour palette and use of imagery - complimentary but not overpowering. Great stuff Rafael! F1 vizzes have been booming recently.

The second visualisation comes from Kavin Kumar who so eloquently presented our January challenge on the BBC Sports Personality of the year (1954-2021). The diamond voronoi shape supplemented by the colour coded winners was a real nice touch and so deserving of VOTD. Great stuff Kavin, I'm super excited to see future visualisations from you.

Be sure to check out the January challenge, you can find all the details in Simon's post.

On to some of this month's challenge!

Lorna Brown creatively explores individuals award year with respect to their career span. Loved diving into the different stories and comparing sports career lengths too! Cool to learn Damon Hill managed to bag two (94 & 96) before retiring in 1999. Thanks for sharing Lorna.

Aakarsh does well to highlight individuals such as Andy Murray who was a multiple award winners, in addition to which sports tend to get the votes! Explore the cool switch of winners displayed by both gender and country.

Abbie Taylor rightly chooses #SportsVizSunday for her first viz of 2022 - creating this circular aesthetic. The viz highlights when the individual was born, career started, SPOTY year won and finally the career end through a continous line.

We have a whole bunch of different sports represented this week from NFL, basketball, baseball and football.

Anna Wiederkehr ... WOW. This NFL network style piece really is wonderful. I urge anyone to follow the thread to the end link to learn more about Tom Brady and his connections to other quarterbacks. The visualisation powerfully tracks passes from quarterback to receivers and then with other quarterbacks.

Samuel Epley, one of our usual top contributers to #SportsVizSunday starts the year strong with an NCAAA visualisation. Samuel utilises some clean BAN headers and trended scatter to explore the different coaches careers.

Alberto Oraá uses football as a means of implementing this cool tableau trick of adding in different values into a new set. Really enjoyed downloading this piece to look under the hood at some of it's functionality.

Simon Beaumont spoils us with this stunning football viz of 3rd round. Simon has a real unique #Beaumont-esque style that I am constantly learning from. I particularly like the alignment of the charts, vertical guid lines and supportive BANS.

Small touches like the colour key take a viz from good to great. Hold on... what does the red comet refer to, Arsenal?

Brett uses spotfire to dive into average rushing and passing yards. Check out some of the cool interactivity in the dashboard!

That's it in terms of visualisations this week. Some spectacular pieces in there. Really happy with the calibre of vizzes we are seeing recently.

I wanted to end on a few resources released in the past week or so worth highlighting.

Tina Covelli shared with the team this work by Alex Lester. If you love baseball, then check it out!

Yash T shares with us how to utilise StatsBomb to create a deep progression chart. Nice to see StatsBomb recognise Yash for their awesome tutorial! Hoping to see more and more from Yash in the future. Great talent.

Edd Webster is the final unsung hero for sports resources this month. For a long time he has been compiling a list of football analytics material ranging from code in python and r, to data visualisation tutorials in Tableau. Check out the full resource below, it's an absolute goldmine and just been updated.

If you have any other blogs and resources for making sports data more accessible please reach out. We'd love to see them.

That's all for this week.

I'm looking forward to watching replays of the upcoming Australian Open in the oncoming weeks. Might be looking forward to the datasets even more so!

Take care,


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