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Weekly Round 02.05.2022

I'm kicking off this week's round up with this article from Tableau. Tableau is partner of Team USA and several of their solution engineers developed visualizations for 8 NGBs. Be sure to check out all the visualizations in the article!

Thank you, Tableau, for partnering with us on our monthly challenge!

Simon created this fantastic analysis on the men's luge using our February challenge data set. Be sure to check this one out on Tableau Public. Great design & analysis in this viz!

DB also used Tableau to create this viz on LaLiga. Welcome to SportsVizSunday DB, looking forward to seeing more visualizations from you.

Tim always creates excellent visualizations and this xG analysis of the top 6 Premier League teams is great example. The design is clean and easy to follow. The annotations are a great addition to the charts.

Bhuvanesh created this Premier League visualization that looks at were teams recover the ball from most often. The small multiple heat maps are nice.

Victor this visualization to represent the over-represented progressive pass clusters by the Premier League teams.

Data golf created these spider graphs to compare Rahm & Hovland. I think it was a great chart choice for this information.

I love the simplicity of this visualization from Mariano comparing the big 3 in men's tennis. It's remarkable how close these three are in wins.

Mark used Tableau to create this visualization on Disc Golf. I didn't know much about Disc Golf but learned a lot about it from Mark's visualization.

Nik created this Tableau visualization for the Six Nations. The logos as a filter is a great touch to this! I need to learn more about rugby Nik, hope we see more visualizations from you on this!

We've shared these simulated NFL visualizations from Sam before and they are awesome. If you are a NFL fan be sure to check this out before the Super Bowl.

Penny updated this Tableau visualization to cap off the GOAT's career stats. As a Patriots fan it is always great to relive the Brady era.

This app from John on the NHL is great! I spent a fair amount of time drilling into different teams and players. Well done John!

Be sure to check out our February challenge, have a great week, and happy vizzing!

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