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January 2021 Challenge - All things EPL & WSL

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Happy new year #SportsVizSunday crew! As we enter 2021 it is time for another monthly challenge, giving you all the chance to dive into a sporting topic and create yet more creative and engaging visualisations. Before the January 2021 challenge topic is shared let's take a moment to recap what #SportsVizSunday is and how you can participate:

Monthly Challenges

At the start of every month the #SportsVizSunday Team will share a monthly viz challenge. Our viz challenges focus on a particulate sport, sporting topic or sporting event. We share a data set for the challenge as a helpful starter for ten; you are welcome to use this data set for your visualisation or you can add additional data to it, or use a data set of your own relating to the stated challenge topic.

The monthly challenges run for the whole calendar month and once you have created your visualisation, simply publish it to your preferred platform (i.e. Tableau Public) and tweet your creation using the hashtag #SportsVizSunday.

At the end of the month the #SportsVizSunday Team do a monthly round-up of the visualisations created, to recognise the incredile talent across the community and hopefully inspire people with future visualisation ideas.

Weekly Round-Ups

In addition to the structured monthly challenges we are also committed to showcasing sporting data visualisations created across the data viz community each week. These visualisations can be on any sporting topic, unrelated to the monthly challenge. If you would like your visualisation showcased, simply tweet your viz using the hashtag #SportsVizSunday and we will do our best to include it within our weekly showcase write ups (which we share every Sunday though a blog post on SportsVizSunday.Com)

The January 2021 Challenge

For our first monthly challenge of 2021 we are focusing on all things football (the soccer variety, or should I say proper variety!) and in keeping with our commitment to promote equality and diversity we are sharing data relating to:

  • Men's English Premier League

  • Women's English Super League

For both data sets there is a range of data including 2020/21 season results, league tables, manager details, team stadiums and for the Premier League data we also include the summer 2020 transfer window activity and full squad lists.

It is totally your call where you go with the topic, you could focus on an individual team, or the transfer activities of the summer, but if you are need of some inspiration here are a couple of related vizzes that have previously been shared by the #SportsVizSunday community:

Inspired by a recent #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge entry by Adam Green, a tweet by @Worville and to kick off the January 2021 challenge, I decided to makeover the traditional presentation of the Premier League table, an approach which perked the interest of Neil Richards:

A highlight of 2020 and the #30DayMapChallenge was this visualisation 'The Numbers on the Shirt' by Rob Radburn that visualised the squad numbers used across the Premier League (note in our challenge data set the squad data includes registered youth players beyond the 25 man squad limits).

So now it is over to you, to create a visualisation focusing on the Premier League or Women's Super League. The data for the challenge can be found here.

If you have any questions during the month, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kate, Bo, Chris, Spencer or myself and as always, we cannot wait to see what you create to kick off 2021 with a bang!

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