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Weekly Roundup 3.14.2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

WOW we have a lot of content this week! Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge with #DiversityInData & ProjectHealthViz. We're just about half way through the month and it is great to see so many visualizations!

Here are the visualizations that caught my eye this week and a couple non-visualization Tweets I wanted to highlight.

Stephanie created this awesome Tableau Public viz for the March challenge. I love the sport selectors on the side and how much information she included about the upcoming Tokyo games in this viz.

Utkrash used our Paralympics data set to visualize the Paralympic medalists. Take a look at his Tableau Public visualization and explore these athletes.

Ryan looks at the history of summer sports in the Paralympics with this Tableau Public viz. There are two new sports for the Tokyo games this year, Badminton & Taekwondo.

Will used our marathon wheelchair data set to create this radial sankey. A radial sankey isn't something you see everyday and I love how easy it is to see the longevity of Frei's remarkable career.

Saverio was back this week with another entry for or March challenge. This time he visualized the nationality, winners by race, and top athletes using the marathon wheelchair data set. Thanks for creating two different visualizations for the challenge!

Ghafar also use the marathon wheelchair data set and created this great Tableau public viz. I love the design and the addition of the quote from Frei.

Andrew brought his own data set to the challenge and visualized the history of the Deaflympics. I enjoyed going through this Tableau public viz and learning more about the Deaflympics. I also love the vertical scroll, I don't see this design a lot and I think it was effective here.

Jun created two different visualizations for our March challenge. The first one shows the Paralympic multi-medalists by medal podium. I like how Trischa Zorn really stands out in this viz! Jun also used the marathon wheelchair data set to create a unique Tableau viz that shows the fastest time by winner. Start in the middle and hover out to see the times. Thanks Jun for being creating 2 different visualizations!

Jon created this barbell chart that shows the Premier league top two goal scorers by team. I'm a fan of the barbell chart and think it works well here.

Julio created this visualization to compare footballers Martin Zubemendi & Aurelien Tchouameni. Julio combined Tableau & Figma to get this design. Thanks for sharing the viz and expanding my sports horizon :)

Ken has a number of radar charts on his Twitter feed including this one where he compares Luciano Acosta's metrics from 2018 & 2019. Sounds like Acosta is a great signing for FC Cincinnati.

Preity visualized the gender pay gap in sports with this Tableau Public visualization. I'm hopeful that this gap will narrow over the next few years. Drawing more attention to women's sports including TV coverage should help. Check out @thefanprojectco to help build the case for more TV coverage for women's sports.

Brendan shared this list of free sports data sources. This is another good resource for sports data.

Jeff has been one of our biggest supporters over the years. Learn more about Jeff's data viz journey in this Tableau Public Author Profile post.

Let's welcome MSc in Sports Performance Analysis Program at the University of Gloucestershire & James Mullins to our #SportsVizSunday community. Looking forward to seeing visualizations from these folks!

Great stuff from everyone this week. Looking forward to seeing more great content this week and hoping Westwood wins the Players today!

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