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Weekly Roundup 10.01.23

Hi all,

Welcome to this weeks #SportsVizSunday weekly round-up.

Congratulations team Europe! For those that missed it Europe ended with a final score 16½-11½ against United States in the Ryder Cup. The one thing that I love about the Ryder Cup is the comrade of the team, in what tends too typically be an individual sport.

Brett kicks things off for us looking at golf this week. In this visual from Brett, you can check out all the previous Ryder Cup results, to see where some have been close finishes, and which years have been an easy title win. Dig in to this visual to find out how competitive the cup really is!

The current SportsVizSunday challenge is looking at Netball data, and Rob treats us to this visual on Australian Pro League. Robs choice of a reduced palette to show home or away winner adds to the readability of the visual, whilst still being able to see the proportion of points through the pie. Yes, pie heaven this viz! Click through the parameter to see how the ladder and finals update for each year.

Adam Green takes inspiration from the Rugby World Cup to add to the Pixel Art Builder. Read the round-up of all the public submissions here.

Our Community Legend, Britt (Not official Linkedin Title) shows us his passion for Tableau through this baseball piece on major league baseball and the quest for Baltimore Orioles to reach the 100-win milestone. I particularly love the annotations to this piece as well as being able to click each of the separate wiki links from the click through. Dive into the viz to find out what teams come out on top.

I follow in Britts footsteps, continuing the baseball for this week. This week looks at adding heatmaps to our baseball visuals. Of course this code can be amended to any sports co-ordinate data. Let me know your thoughts!

We close out on 4 fantastic football visuals this week, the first two come from Ansgar,

I particularly am a fan of the small multiple with colour highlight within the second piece, highlighting Haaland's tracking of hoping to surpass Andy Coles record of fastest player to reach 50 Premier League goals. A Wonderful clear design, and appreciate the descending sort on goals for context.

Tedy designs this beautiful chorded map, that is really brought to life through its calming colour palette. Find out the impact Brazil has had on football in relation to other countries. If you aren't following Tedy yet, you really should start! I am loving his content lately.

To close out this weeks round up we have this piece by Ben Norland, someone who has really been carrying the SportsVizSunday torch recently! I love Ben's choice to look at expected goals in relative terms and what it means for teams challenging in relegation or champions league spots. It is of no surprise the Manchester City dominance in the right hand side of the chart.

Hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the day, whatever you get up too.

Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team.

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