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Weekly Roundup 09.17.23

Hi all,

Welcome to this weeks #SportsVizSunday weekly round-up.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend? I've just finished watching South Africa's 76-0 win over Romania in the rugby. The points difference in pool B is becoming increasingly large. Ireland and South Africa both being able to get some added bonus points during their first few matches.

Where better to start tracking the different matches than Rob Taylor's dashboard of all the matches. Definitely one to hover the tooltips for stats on carries, breaks and tackles. Check back in coming days to see how the Road To The Final part of the dashboard starts to populate.

Continuing the Rugby World Cup dashboards Chris Westlake compares teams to previous champions in a bid to see who might come out on top. The diverging heat colours on the pool groups help showcase where teams have previously placed. It looks like South Africa and New Zealand have always been top contenders. Dive into this visual further to find out whether experience, caps and age have an impact on team performance.

Adam Green is undoubtably one of the most creative Tableau Public designers over the years, so I am so happy to see him releasing more content on his site referencing some of the design tips and tricks to some of his past visuals, this one on the Tour de France.

Ben Norland is back with another NFL viz, this time looking at win loss records since 2002.

Find out which of the teams have most wins through this small multiples bar chart. I really enjoy the simplicity and uniformity to this piece.

Anastasiya treats us to this wonderful F1 visual, leveraging a bump chart to showcase how Max Verstappen has won 10 in a row, beating Vettels record of 9. The highlight red really pops against the light grey for all the other drivers.

Tedy creates a radial / polar chart with accompanying player details around team, club and position. This visual with a focus on the AFC U23. I really love that Tedy has chosen something different to the usual leagues we see and wonderful job on a more advanced chart - It works really well here for player metrics.

That's it for this week, thank you all for the contributions. With so much football, rugby, tennis and athletics on recently we are spoilt for choice. Keep them coming - and don't forget we have just released a new dataset on our data page for this months challenge.

Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team.

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