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Weekly Roundup 07.30.2023

Good morning, good morning fans of sports, visualisations and Sundays.

I've been watching the Women's World Cup this week and there have been some excellent performances (Brazil v France yesterday was a very good watch). We're entering into the third and final round of group games from here on, and lots of teams still have a chance of qualifying. It's going to be an exciting few days and I reckon there might be a shock or two in store.

The Women's Football World Cup isn't the only World Cup happening at the moment - the Netball World Cup is also taking place in South Africa. The format of the Netball World Cup is a little different and Abbie Taylor has created a schedule and results chart to keep track of who has played who, and what will happen in the next round. I really like Abbie's layout in this viz, and she has combined Tableau designs with an image background to enhance the readability. I look forward to coming back to it to follow along with the results.

Following Carlos Alcaraz' stunning victory at Wimbledon this year, Charlie Geen has looked back in Alcaraz's career to his first Grand Slam win at the US Open 2022. I really like the effective plots showing Alcaraz' performance from Jan 2022 to June 2023 which highlight how dominant he has become. The stand out feature for me is the imaginative use of a dendrogram to visualise Alcaraz' matches and opponents during his US Open run. Alcaraz must be the favourite to do it again this year, surely! Quick shout-out for Charlie's colour scheme here too - the blue looks really smart against the pale background, and the strong highlight colour and full-colour images work well too.

Next up, Vivek has used Python to look at how the champions of the top 5 football leagues performed last year. Vivek has chosen to look at expected goals created and conceded, which can help to show underlying performance trends while removing the randomness of goal scoring. Unsurprisingly, all the champions were generally creating more expected chances than they were conceding, but I was still surprised that there were at least a handful of games for each champion where they conceded more expected chances than they created.

Congratulations to Chris Westlake for picking up Viz of the Day for his tennis ball evoking visualisation about the Wimbledon finals. We featured this in last week's round up and it's always great to see the community's sporting visualisations being recognised more widely.

In case you missed it, Katie McCabe scored directly from a corner in Ireland's World Cup match against Canada. Fortunately, Andrew Cunneen was on hand to give us the xG map that we all wanted to see (I wonder if CJ will make this into a new tutorial).

And that's it for this week! Thanks as always for your contributions and I look forward to being inspired by you all in the #SportsVizSunday community.

Mo & the #SportsVizSunday team

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