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Weekly Roundup 06.30.2024

Happy Sunday everyone.

Hope the week has gone well? Who's excited for Wimbledon?????? okay wrong crowd for this week. Maybe just me. I get it, we probably want to talk football today. But seriously, I'm calling Ons Jabeur and Carlos Alcaraz early. Let me know your predictions if you are following it this year.

Prepare yourself early for this weeks round up - we've got a lot of content to showcase, part of that is from the amount going on at the moment in the football coupled with a collaboration with the Makeover Monday team.

Though....I am yet to see a visual on the thunderstorms over in Germany last night.... or the VAR decisions in the Denmark - Germany game. 16 seconds of mayhem from offside ruling to a penalty being awarded. Guess that's how quickly a game can turn.

We will start this week with the non football vizzes! and then follow it up with community work and collaborations.

I haven't seen a ridgeline plot in a while. Especially designed as nicely as this one from sanluca. If you are into your cycling this is a wonderful account to follow, with a lot of content around elevation gains, stages of competition and mapbox views.

Two tour de france visuals in the same week. Love to see it.

Steven shows the different stages split out as small multiples. 6 and 10 not looking so bad in the grand scheme of things!

Naresh treats the sporting world to more F1 this week with an overview of Ayrton Senna stats. The curved chart showing for the different seasons and prix's the final position. 3 time world champ with 41 race wins! The addition of the timeline is a great reference point between that and the races in the radial.

Following the release of szucsi's tool last week, Yash considers how to replicate the idea within Tableau but looking at cricket data. An interesting way of showing competitivesness of the match!

Soccer Content

Okay here we go! I'm starting this week with the #RomanianDataTribe

The post below from Claudiu highlights 10 amazing entries looking at Romania's road to the euros. If you are looking for a clean dataset to practice some of your analytics on, by all means take a look!

Some of the entries were amazing in highlighting what a fantastic moment it was. We now have to wait till Tuesday to see how they get on against the Netherlands but finishing top of their table should give them a vote of confidence.

Congratulations to George-Alexandru & Bogdan-Alexandru who won prizes based on the public vote and co leaders vote!

I entered as well - below is the TP version of it.

This week in the euros, Ryan looks at the likelihood of a team winning every game when they compete. Funnily enough it's only ever happenned twice. But did you know there is a bonus on top of qualifying amount. Ryan shows how a team can max out their winnings through this waterfall chart.

England's group was boring I hear you say? Well Chris confirms it by looking at the changing of positions in the table after each game. I love the final group stage game where they constantly update the "as it stands" especially when it can go anyway. Group E all landing on 4 points was a real nail-biter this year.

Mateusz shared this piece earlier in the week based on points, GD and cards. In a similar way to Chris' visual above showing change in position how cool would it be to see this change game by game too during the group stage!

Damola confirms everything I already knew with Englands xG and xGA - especially as he has pegged them against the other countries and groups.

By doing so we get to see the group both relative to one another but also the wider tournament. Fingers crossed come 5pm in the UK we see a shift on that radar chart.

Maybe as a country we aren't given Southgate enough credit with the completed pass %. Do we want sexy football or tournament progression football?

Looks like Spain have a good thing going when it comes to style of play and tactics. When you can rotate your team and still end up with similar pass maps and average positioning you know that you can have confidence in any of your substitutions. Visual courtesy of between the posts.

Mark says "Georgia? ... who's Georgia?" this week. I am looking forward to who plays Spain tonight. The suspense is killing me Mark.

I jest, I enjoyed the small multiples to look at chance creation. We had a bit of a debate amongst the sportsvizsunday circle as to whether Englands reduced numbers of dots was something to be worried about or whether taking opportunities at the right time is more important.

Less is more (quality of chance) or throw enough at the wall and something sticks approach? What does everyone else think?

A perfect chart this week IMO from Cedric looking at goals and shots and making the small multiples all relative to one another. France and Belgium probably shocking most people with their low conversion rate and going through as second place. Really stands out.

Is Group C one of the lowest scoring groups there has been? Someone will need to fact check my thoughts.

Ansgar uses Flourish this week to make a series of interactive.

You can view it in full here.

The views will walk you through the national teams, the leagues, and players. I love the packed bubbles charts! Clubs from England, Italy, and Germany are contributing the most players to the tournament, with Italy and Manchester City each sending 13 players.

Onto Makeover Monday!

(I have tried to find a collection of them across different platforms. If you see yours missing it's probably because i wasn't tagged in it as oppose to any personal vendetta held!)

Takafumi opens the vizzes this week with a column list ranking looking at titles, appearances, scoreres, time frames and age. I'm sure there are some familiar names on those lists. Despite the performance in the last few games we forget how young Jude is, in fact he celebrated his birthday just yesterday! Thanks for your elegant entry Takafumi.

I love the visual aids to Shangruff's dashboard. The person imagery adds context to the players. The titles by countries and players page highlights Spains dominance but also helps emphasis the rarity of wining the euros, let alone winning it twice over as a player!

Ojoswi focuses on the top 5 from each of the different categories. Ojoswi choice to use a bar chart for me really helps to showcase the difference between the first ranked individual compared to the remaining 4. I would say in each of the categories there is a substantial gap between 1st and 2nd!

AU gives us a different take on the MM challenge this week focussing on only the fastest goals. I like the idea of plotting them on a timescale, it helps shows the variance in seconds between them all more easily. Mind the gap!!

If you want to relive Nedim's 23 second goal you can view it here.

Akane Okamoto gives a wonderful highlight feature to the visual to help showcase dominance from different countries. Of course, spain stand out off the page anyway, but we slowly can start to pick up on portgual and italian appearance emphasis through to some smaller stories with dutch players on the goal scoring list.

Krushali shows the 5 different categories in a well framed business style dashboard. I like the idea to carry through the color from the euros poster into the header frames. Nice job Krushali.

Satoshi builds a fantastic highlight table that is driven by a parameter going left and right. I love the non native design to this tableau dashboard. What really has caught my attention is normally each of the boxes would be the same size but Satoshi resizes the table that you are focussed on and reduces the size of the tables to the side. Love it and downloaded straight away to see how it's done!

Chasoso opts for a singular blue palette this week to highlight some of the different metrics on offer in the dataset. The added context to the visual down the left hand pane helps summarise some of those stats available. Can you believe Ronaldo is in his 6th Euro's. I saw somewhere this was the first group stage he hasn't managed to score in!

This list isn't exhaustive, take a look on Tableau Public or Linkedin for even more entries.

Thanks for everyone that entered. I genuinely get excited each week looking at all the content. Time now for a cup of tea and walk the dog before the darts and football start. Look after yourself,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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