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Weekly Roundup 06.11.2023

What another week of sporting achievements it has been! Records were falling across the distances at the Paris Diamond League, Manchester City completed a historic treble with a hard-fought win against Internazionale in the Champions League, and Novak Djokovic won the French Open to claim a record 23rd men's tennis Grand Slam title.

The #SportsVizSunday community has been equally busy with another week of outstanding visualisations. Let's get into them!

First up this week is Frederic Fery and his look at which teams were Karim Benzema's favourite opponents during his career at Real Madrid. I love Fred's choice to split his voronoi both by team and by competition. Got to feel sorry for Athletic Bilbao! This visualisation also shows just how prolific Benzema was in scoring his 336 goals against an impressive range of clubs.

This week, Julie Warren asked us whether CrossFit counted as a sport. I say it definitely does! And especially when it leads to such great visualisations as Julie's, showing her personal journey in the CrossFit universe. Julie has combined both the timeline of her story and her achievements in some of the events, in a very streamlined white-on-black design. It's interesting to compare how Julie's performance in those events changed at different times and rates.

Next up is Heather Jones' celebration of the 50th anniversary of Secretariat's Triple Crown win. There is so much great insight in this infographic which uses a range of visual elements to showcase Secretariat's impressive abilities. In particular, I like that Heather has combined both qualitative and quantitative data and used real-world comparisons to help bring some of the stats to life.

Supermarket have kicked off their twitter account in some style, with a very elegant scrolling visualisation showing how your favourite (or least favourite!) Australian National Rugby League teams have performed over the last few seasons. I particularly like watching the teams move about through the season on their double-axis form vs streak option, check that out!

Bo McCready is a regular to these pages, and he's created another lovely, clean visualisation looking at the performances of Austin FC in American Major League Soccer. What really caught my eye here was Bo's colour palette, where he has used different shades of grey to provide visual separation between other background teams, while also keeping a contrast with the green highlight for Austin FC. It's a really nice touch that improves the readability and visual interest without being distracting.

Finally, CJ Mayes has teamed up with Jared Flores to create a two-part tutorial on how to create an NHL player dashboard using Python and two flavours of Tableau (Prep and Desktop)! Not only is this a great showcase of how to get sports data from the internet, and the fantastic capabilities of Tableau tools, it also provides a good look at how to think about handling match event data in general. Well worth a read if you're interested in sports analysis.

And that is everything from us this week. I'm anticipating a small flurry of Champions League/Manchester City visualisations over the next few weeks (and maybe some cricket ones with the impending Ashes series between England and Australia...) so don't let me down #SportsVizSunday!

Mo & the SVS team

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