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Weekly Roundup 03.10.2024

So the big match of the weekend ends in a draw. A hard fought match between two quality sides.

Blackpool 0 - 0 Portsmouth.

Ok, I know for 99.99% of you the big match in question would have been Liverpool v Manchester City. Ending 1-1, combined with Arsenal's last gasp win against Brentford yesterday, the Premier League is shaping up to be one of the closest finishes we have had in recent years.

The Premier League was not the only sporting excitement we were treated to this week. What a weekend it was for Rugby Union fans. England's last gasp winner against Ireland and Italy holding on against Scotland for a win that will live long in the memory. Personally, I think it is a really healthy place for a sport to be when there is close competition between teams, and with that in mind, I obviously won't be spending any time re-living the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix!

That's enough of the sporting commentary, let's get into the vizzes.

Starting with football, this over/under expected goals analysis (excluding penalties) by @FPL_Chase has some really interesting insights in it, the recent dip in performance by Haaland (when I say dip, that is ignoring the fact he would still walk into any team worldwide!) and the incredible consistency of Son at Tottenham. It is surreal to think that expected goals is a relatively new concept in football and yet it is now widely used and referred to by so many people.

Keeping with football this analysis of internal matches is just the third Tableau Public viz by Sidharth Suresh, welcome to the community Sidharth!

Last up on the football front this week isn't a viz but actually a data set, courtesy of the amazing team at Stats Bomb. They have not only released Women's Super League data for 3 seasons but they have also shared R and Python packages to allow you to access the data. An incredibly rich data set and a great way to showcase the women's game, especially on the weekend of International Women's Day.

Moving from football, but staying on the celebration of women, this viz showcasing female participation in the Summer Olympics is an absolutely beauty. It should be no surprise that the clean design comes courtesy of Ant Pulley, great work, as ever, Ant.

The Olympics had more than 1 amazing viz this week! James Espanol and Sara Khoo created this superb look at underdog nations at the Summer Olympics and I absolutely love the horizontal storytelling in it.

From Olympians to Tableau Visionaries. Veronica Simoes shared this viz looking at the increasing popularity of the Super Bowl.

I did say I wouldn't spend any time on F1 this week but we all know when the rain comes down it leads to some of the most memorable races and now we can re-live those races through this viz by Pablo Ferro. It is fair to say if we wont rain induced chaos, Spa is the place to go (please tell me the pun wasn't wasted there!).

That's it for this week. Thank you to everybody who contributed to another fantastic #SportsVizSunday week. Keep up the amazing work, and if anyone was wondering, next up for the title chasing blues is a League One home game against Burton Albion on Tuesday at Fratton Park. PUP (Play Up Pompey)!

Simon and the rest of the SVS Team.

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