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Weekly Round-up 3.21.2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hey everyone - I consider myself lucky to put together the blog this week because there is more #SportsVizSunday content out there than I know what to do with! We are continuing to see some amazing work as a result of our #DiversityInData and #ProjectHealthViz collaborations. Let's check out some of that amazing work right now.

Chimdi starts us off here with a very cool Sankey showing all of the events and medals by year.

When I saw Fred's viz I let out an audible "wooooooah". So cool to see what events are still going and which events stopped. Really fun way to look at this data. Great job, Fred!

Vivi shows off some analytical chops with this Formula 2 analysis.

If you're looking for some F1 data, @motorace_addict has you covered with some Bahrain lap times.

What an amazing visualization by Annabelle Rincon! Make sure to click the button to see the rest of the viz.

Check out Andrew's visualization of past and present UFC champions

I initially thought the top table was a screenshot from a broadcast, but it turns out that Stephanie was able to replicate a standings table very closely! Thanks for participating in the #SportsVizSunday challenge in collaboration with #DiversityInData and #ProjectHealthViz

#SportsVizSunday regulars Jeff Plattner and Samuel Epley put together a March Madness challenge for the #datafam - make sure to check it out!

Here's another great viz for our collaboration challenge this month, this time from Branden Kornell. Great background and history of the event included in the dashboard as well!

I love the clean design of this visualization by Adam Green showing the greatest 50 players in Arsenal history. COYG!

Really cool viz from Ant Pulley on Paralympic multi-medalists since 1960. Really cool way to integrate the Olympic rings into the design.

Check out some of the top female athletes of all time in this viz by Brandy.

Admittedly, I don't think I've Googled searched a WWE star before, but Vignesh shows us that there certainly many people who have. Check out WWE star search popularity in the viz below.

This viz by Masato shows the different categories of events by year.

Another great viz from Stephanie for this month's collaborative challenge, this time on the success of Great Britain's team at the Summer Paralympic Games.

Saverio's entry for this month's collaboration challenge is a great one! The toggle button to show the two different stories in one dashboard is a nice touch.

I want to end this week's round-up with a HUGE shoutout to our #SportsVizSunday co-host Kate Brown for getting her first Tableau Public Viz of the Day with this great timeline of wheelchair marathon winners.

Great stuff everyone, keep up the great work for this month's #DiversityInData and #ProjectHealthViz collaborative challenge. Here is a link to the data if you are interested in participating. See you all next week!

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