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Weekly Round-Up 12.13.2020

Here's our round up for the week. Thanks to those who have participated in the December challenge highlighting female athletes. We still have a few more weeks to go to submit your entry.

Eve Thomas submitted her first (and hopefully not last) SportsVizSunday last week and it was great. Thanks Eve for participating in the December challenge by highlighting Ironwomen!

The Women's US Open (golf) will be concluded today and Kate visualized each round for all of the prior champions using newly released data from the USGA.

CJ Mayes created this visualization about Naomi Osaka for our December challenge. It was great to see CJ acknowledge that his sports visualizations are skewed more towards male athletes and that he is looking to balance that out.

CJ also earned Viz of the Day from Tableau for this visualization on Nadal and Federer. Congratulations CJ!

Ioana Rusu also shared a tennis viz on Rafael Nadal's (a.k.a. king of clay) French Open success

Alex does it again! If you aren't following Alex you are missing out on some mind blowing Tableau work. Be sure to check out this animated visualization on the changes of jump shot locations in the NBA over 23 seasons.

Bo McCready created this great viz that shows every goal scored by the US Women's National Soccer (aka football) team from 1991 - 2019.

Gorazd Surla shares the remarkable story of the Hajduk Split football club in WW2. Spend some time with this viz, the viz is well done and the story is incredible.

Samuel Epley created two great visualizations for Super Bowl champions & disappointments. The disappointments are in the reply to the champions Check these out!

Tom Worville of the Athletic UK shared this viz on Tottenham Hotspur expected goals for an against.

Matt Hoover visualizes the I-80 rivalry of Creighton & Nebraska men's basketball from 1977 - 2019. Creighton is maintaining their lead in the series after a 98-74 win on Friday.

Our own Chris Westlake created this fantastic viz showing all of Southampton FC's 1000 Premier League points over 22 seasons.

Todd Whitehead created a shiny app that that maps the location of passes that led to catch-and-shoot 3PA. Be sure to check out the app on his site - Impressive work from Todd on this one!

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