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Weekly Round-Up 12.12.2021

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Hi all,

CJ here.

Wait who’s this? Yes! My first official blog for #SportsVizSunday! To be able to now contribute to the blog and showcase the great visualisations from the community is such a pleasure and I have the upmost appreciation for both the long standing vizzers and some of the new members we see each week!

Before we start, have you heard of our December challenge? This month’s challenge is to viz your favourite sports story of 2021! Any sport, any dataset, It's completely up to you.

For me, it was Emma Raducanu winning the US Open. What a heartwarming moment in September seeing Emma lift the trophy. I may have to utilise Jeff Sackmann’s fantastic Tennis Repo to piece together a viz.

If you enter just make sure to use the hashtag #SportsVizSunday for one of the team to see it. If you have an idea but want to talk it through the teams DM’s are open and more than willing to help.

Onto this weeks content. This weeks content is of no surprise with some exciting cricket and football and F1 going on.

I wanted to start on this classic Naresh style and classic Naresh topic visualisation. This map is so beautifully designed. Interesting to learn Lewis has the fastest lap on the Yas Marina circuit.

Thanks Naresh for your continued dedication to #SportsVizSunday.

Sarah covers off ice hockey in this visualisation, highlighting that Ovechkin may be chasing Gretzky’s all time record for goals scored. Let’s see how the next few years play out but he’s certainly been scoring goals! Sarahs use of scatterplot highlights well his goal to season ratio.

Aakarsh uses the Tableau Conference dataset we put together with some key insights on viz tools, author and contributions by month. A really well formatted viz with nice colour tones.

Thanks for entering Aakarsh!

Peter Mckeever is one of my go-to’s for stunning sports vizzes. You can see why with this Trae Young, Alanta Hawks viz showcasing his shot success % in the different court areas.

A really fun piece from David built in R code looking at football league data. Always a fan of the more unconventional chart types. David shouts out Georgios for inspiration and some of the original code.

Maram takes Salah’s shot map and turns it into a thing of pure beauty. Not sure I’ve seen many shot maps this well designed before.

A little bit cheating including a #ProjectHealthViz in the sports viz round up…. But it is on sport. I wanted to include this one from a technical standpoint Sean does an amazing job to utilise the rank chart and bar chart in tandem with a shared label. Really clean viz Sean!

I also wanted to share this thread by Carlon as I think its great for those wanting to bridge the gap of different data skills. Check out his thoughts.

Lastly, a few of the team got the opportunity to do the feedback from last months #IronQuest. You can check out the recording below. A total of 18 visualisations were discussed, a massive thank you to Sarah for all she does in the wider community but especially this collab, it really brought with it some exciting vizzes.

That's all for this week.


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