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Weekly Round-Up 11.22.2020

Hey everyone! Last week our blog format of the weekly round-up seemed to be well received, so we are going to continue this format for the foreseeable future. Here goes our weekly round-up for this past week!

First off this week, Tom gives us a look at who made the cut at the 2020 edition of the Masters tournament from last weekend. There were a lot of Masters vizzes this week, so there's more where this came from.

This month's data set was boxing championship history, so Vignesh shows us the history of boxing championship belts as well as the lineal heavyweight championship.

Check out this draft recap by Jeff Plattner utilizing a modern design inspired by Chantilly Jaggernauth to show the NBA Draft history. Click on a team in the filter pane on the left and see who they've picked since 2000.

Watch out everyone, Dominic Samangy is coming in HOT with this heatmap for the top NBA ranked players. Make sure to hit him up on Twitter with what tendencies pop out to you about these heat maps.

Another viz for this month's theme of boxing, check out Aashique's viz showing title defenses by weight class. I really like the belt filter at the top right using the belts!

Don't know if you knew this, but Simon is pretty decent at Tableau. I have to say, you really "drove" this one home! Check out all of the "wire-to-wire" winners of the Masters in this really informative viz.

It's no secret, Rob Radburn is one of my favorite Tableau authors of all time. This viz is just another reason why. Check out this amazing viz showing the position of a few specific drivers during the F1 Turkish GP.

Here's some more F1 Turkish GP data from motor_racing_addict.

This Pele data set got lots of love from the community. Here is Daniel Ling's take on the subject!

We are looking forward to seeing where Tim Lafferty takes this MLB viz. Radials are always welcome here!

We love to see all the visualizations from the Masters. This one from Joe Shaw is great, love top section and how easy it is to see where DJ separated himself from the field in Round 3.

Check out this cool viz by Naresh Suglani, highlighting injuries in the Premier League.

Daniel Sedin has been making a lot of cool vizzes lately including this one showing the history of NBA champions.

As a Gunners fan, I appreciate this ode to one of the best to ever don the Arsenal red, Thierry Henry.

Check out these awesome tutorials from Rob Carroll on building Tableau for sports.

Check out this dashboard by Gorazd Surla to see how close the champion and runner-up in the Premier League finished to each other.

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great #SportsVizSunday!

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