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Weekly Round-Up 10.16.2022

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Hi all,

Welcome back to another week of #SportsVizSunday.

An early post this week, as my friends and I are going to meet up to watch the Liverpool - City game later. I'm rather quite excited for it.

Damola warms us up nicely for that by plotting the leagues minutes per goal ratio. Would love to see how these stats evolve over the course of the weeks. Currently I can't see any other player winning the golden boot other than Haaland, but we'll see.

Perhaps you will want to in future start tracking specific players with the use of scatterplot images, or building tables of stats. Well, with the next release of tableau things may just get a little easier for you.

Check out how Marc has played around with the new image url functionality. I've previously written a blog on how you can get player images here. FBRef might be another site you take a look at for player images. In Marc's example you can see he uses a selection of wikipedia images.

This piece from SMukherjee looks at the referees for last season. Always interesting to see who is a little more card friendly than others! Maybe next we will have to look into team favouritism and home advantage!

This beautiful piece by Samantha Lewis, Mark Doman, Katia Shatoba, Alex Palmer, and Thomas Brettell looks at how good Sam Kerr really is.

A really in depth informative piece that utilises storytelling and imagery in such a unique way. I particularly loved the colour call out showcasing Sam Kerrs scoring success since 2016.

Spencer Baucke... yes THE Spencer Baucke, original co founder of SportsVizSunday showcases his powerBI expertise highlighting the Reds fall from grace in attendance numbers.

Saving undoubtedly the best sport till last, Peter looks at competition attrition in the 4 grand slams for both female and male athletes.

Really interesting to see not just the difference in points in the mens and ladies game but also across slams. Check out the tool tips to see Rafa's dominance in the French Open. Looks like Novak isn't afraid of a long grand slam road to the final.

To close out, I'm sure many are aware it is the mid point of the IronViz season. By all means check out the selection of data we have to offer across the site.

Otherwise, why not get involved in this months rowing dataset challenge here.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday team

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