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Weekly Round-Up 10.02.2022

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Hi all,

Welcome back to another #SportsVizSunday round-up. So much is going on in the sporting community at the moment but one thing that stuck with me is Haaland's record breaking score sheet. He managed to bag yet another hattrick, this week, against rivals Manchester United. He's currently averaging 1.89 goals a game. Luckily enough I finally took the opportunity to change my captain from Salah to Haaland in Fantasty PL. Lots of dropped points until now!

With that top of mind, here is my favourite visuals about Haaland and his team from the week. Soccerment created this beautiful design, including everything from pass networks to some key metrics around shots and xG per shot.

In other football news,

Adam Green treats us to two new blogs.

The first one discussing his premier league record viewer. I particularly love that you can change the view to look at the different teams. It is like having 20 prints in one.

Adam follows it up with a blog on the different players and managers of arsenal. Do take a look at Adam's site, you will be able to figure out how complex some of his designs are through the 'faff Ometer' he assigns each of the vizzes. Both great in design, and moves away from what we usually recognise as the typical football metrics that fill the timeline.

Jessica loves a good long form viz!

I really like how Jessica has managed to position each of the different points around the ball. The key is really helpful in pulling out the different win/loss records. Dig in deeper to learn more about where each team was ranked and whether a golden eagle flew the stadium!

Finally Tina wow's us with this NY Mets visual. I am a huge fan of how Tina manages to segment her work using images in an appropriate way that doesn't detract away from the piece itself or the charts takeaways. It has a really nice balance in colour. I can imagine this almost as a digital poster / exported to PDF for print.

That's it for this weeks content, a small reminder we have the rowing data for the monthly challenge. It should be a good one. Mr Row(e) did a great job pulling it together.

Check it out here

Happy Monday & Take Care,

CJ and the Sports Viz Sunday team

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