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Weekly Round-Up 1.31.2021

Hey everyone - I hope you all are having a great weekend! Thank you to all the folks who participated in this month's challenge - there were some excellent dashboards submitted! Let's jump into all the awesome content from this week.

It seems as though Alex is producing world-class content on a weekly basis, and this work is no exception. Check out the patterns in passes on the pitch in this cool animated dashboard.

If you grew up in the US in the 1990's, odds are you'll recognize the two squads going after it in this battle for galaxy's basketball bragging rights. Welcome to Riley's Space Jam!!

This is a really cool analysis by Yash showing the birth month of Premier League players. Stories like these really stretch the mind to consider how variables that might not seem related could affect each other and produce outcomes we never would have expected.

Abbie provides us with a great animated look at how the FA Women's Super League standings have progress throughout the year.

I really like the summarized All view in the top right of this viz by Adam Green on EPL player heights.

Vignesh gives us a Sankey diagram showing the German football league's winners by team.

Gorazd has been producing a lot of wonderful #SportsVizSunday content lately - this time he gives us a look at how spending at the summer transfer window affects relegation chances.

Really cool use of polygons by Alicia showing us common dance injury areas.

Our very own Chris Westlake starts off his first viz of 2021 with a look at his version of the Premier League table.

Adam Green with a VERY slick viz on showing EPL & WSL stadium capacities.

In the hopes that the 2021 Olympics don't get postponed/cancelled, Christina stakes a look at how dominant the German luge team has been at the Olympics.

I biggest reason I like this viz by Aashique is it's such a refreshing and unique way to see a league table. In addition to never having seen a league table presented in such a manner, the presentation makes a ton of sense and is easy to follow! Very good work Aashique.

Nice analysis of WSL and EPL stadium locations by Mo Wootten.

What a wonderful design from Wendy in this dashboard about 60 years of the Paralympic Games. Super cool!!

Tyler Magini gives us a feel for the impact of COVID-19 in the 2020 NFL injury reports. The design allows you to see when there were some outbreaks within teams.

Josh Mark is going to be tracking the Lakers shots this year in the link below.

It's crazy to think it's been 1 year since Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 8 others on board as well, including his daughter Gianna. Here are a couple vizzes dedicated to his memory.

Lastly, we wanted to show off the monthly submission tracker created by Christ Westlake. If you participate in #SportsVizSunday make sure to fill out the form at this link so that we can count your participation. Thanks to everyone who participated this month, we've got a great February challenge for you upcoming!

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