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Weekly Round-Up 08.28.2022

Hope everyone had a great week! There's a lot going on in the sports world between the PGA Tour Championship, the Little League World Series, the start of the US Open (tennis) and Serena's last event, and the start of the NFL! Hard to believe fall is just around the corner.

We're leaving the Commonwealth Games data set up through September so you have plenty of time to explore this great data set that Mo put together for us.

We've got a number of great sports related visualizations this week and I'm kicking off this week's round-up with some great football ones.

First up is this Tableau visualization from Amar on the history of Manchester United. I like the design call out boxes (or BANS at the top). The addition of the trophy in the season dot chart is a nice touch and the tool tips were well done. Well done Amar!

Next up is another Tableau visualization from Shamritha on Bernardo Silva's 21/22 season starts. There's a lot to explore in this dashboard! Nice work Shamritha!

Ben also used Tableau to show the ELO ratings for the Japan League by season. Use the highlight option to see a specific league's trend. The J1 & J2 leagues were new to me. Nice work Ben!

Darian shared the UEFA's Champions League report and I highly recommend taking a look through the report, even if you aren't a football fan. This is well designed and the charts & graphs in the report are all well done! Thanks for sharing Darian!

We're switching over to baseball for the next two visualizations.

First up is Kyle's XRA scorecard for Albert Pujols. I'm a big fan of Kyle's work and recommend giving him a follow if you're a baseball fan. I liked the Batted Balls Tendencies chart in the thread, I think it's an effective way to compare Pujols to the league. Great stuff Kyle!

Next up is this fantastic collaboration between Ken, Kevin, and Tina. All three of these folks are incredibly talented in Tableau and I am the biggest fan of Tina's work. Bring these 3 together and you get an awesome visual story of the Little League World Series.

In the all other sports category we have this darts Tableau visualization from Adam. Adam visualized Phil Taylor's last PDC pro match against Rob Cross. I love the design and the addition of the dart board is a great touch. As always, I love seeing what Adam creates!

I'm closing out the round-up with two additional Tweets.

The first one looks like a great data set. Dom has put together a data set that has all the NBA shots from 2019-2022. If you're a basketball fan be sure to check this out.

And the final share is the Information is Beautiful awards are open for submissions. There is a Leisure, Games & Sport group, so be sure to submit your favorite sports visualizations.

Have a great week everyone!

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