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Weekly Round-Up 08.15.2021

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

There is a ton of great content this week including UFC, football/soccer, the Olympics, and tennis visuals. There are a couple of weeks left in our August challenge. Ryan Soares is our guest host this month and be sure to check out the data sets he put together on UFC.

Here's what caught my eye this week:

Dennis created these cool network visualizations with the August challenge data set. I spent a fair amount of time tonight exploring this. Great work Dennis!

Welcome Garvit and great first SVS submission! Garvit used our monthly challenge data set to visualize the UFC fighter's stats and results with Tableau public.

Bryce visualized Arsenal's GF/GA trend in this Tableau public visualization. The animation is great and the points forming the canon is very cool.

Cédric created this great visualization on the 20/21 Bundesliga season.

Bo created this viz that looks at Austin FCs goals per match. Hope things turn around for Bo's team, looks like a rough offensive season.

Check out Tim's visuals on how promoted teams have performed after promotion to the Premier League.

Shivank created this web app to show custom shot maps for players in the top five European leagues. If you are a football fan take some time to explore this app!

I love seeing what Neil creates and this viz is another example of why he is one of my favorite follows. This visualization sizes the countries by the number of medals at the summer games and provides a good perspective of what countries dominated the games. I spent a lot of time exploring the 1080 medals won.

Annie's clean design on this viz that looks at the age range of Olympians is great. I like the use of the dot strip plot here.

This viz from Ivette & Julie is amazing. I loved learning more about these gold medal winning athletes. Really spend time exploring this viz, you won't regret it.

CJ Mayes tipped me off on this great infographic from Adolfo that shows how much each country pays for an Olympic gold medal. I love this desgin!

This infographic from British Cycling caught my eye this week. GBR did pretty well in the track cycling events!

Avinash's Tableau public viz shows the total medal counts for the summer games. This is a nice small multiples and I like the addition of the sort by medal. Great work!

Frederic's created a bunch of great Olympics visualizations over the past few weeks and this one is another great viz. Take a look at Australia's cost per medal in this Tableau public viz.

Jessica you're never late with SportsVizSunday! I enjoyed exploring this jump plot pie chart combination of the USA medal counts in the summer Olympics. I liked the addition of the filter so you can explore the counts by sport.

This viz from Ravi is pretty neat. There were 17 different sports that used a ball ranging from table tennis to basketball. Check out this viz to see the size & weight of the various balls.

This viz from Robert Lawrence shared by Randy highlights how special Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are. It is remarkable that they each have 20 Grand Slam wins each.

Big congratulations to SVS co-founder Simon Beaumont for his Tableau #VOTD (viz of the day) for his Team USA Olympics viz

I also want to give a shout out to Sports Biz Data Jobs @SportsDataJobs. If you're looking for a data job in the sports field be sure to give Sports Biz Data Jobs a follow. There a lot of great data jobs open right now including one with the Boston Red Sox.

Have a great week and happy vizzing!

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