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Weekly Round-Up 07.17.2022

Unfortunately, I missed the back 9 at The Open today because I had a match, but I am looking forward to watching it tonight even knowing the outcome. I'm gutted for Rory but Cam Smith played an fantastic round of golf and earned the Claret Jug.

If you follow us you know how much I love golf so I was thrilled we were doing The Open Championship as our July challenge and I am pumped for this round-up!

Simon B created two Tableau visualizations for our July challenge one of which earned him Tableau's VOTD (viz of the day).

The first visualization (#VOTD) compares the US & UK winners of The Open Championship. I love the simplicity of this visualization. Often times I see things on Tableau public that are overly complicated and detract from the story. This visual has none of that. It is focused on comparing the US & UK winners and for me it really told the story.

Simon's second visualization looks at what it takes to win The Open in the modern era. There are a lot of great decisions in this visualization. I like the marginal histograms in the top section of the visualization. The middle section compares the results across the rota courses and it is a great way to display the variation in the scores across the courses. It is easy to see the difference between St Andrews & Carnoustie and I love the addition of the quotes from the champions.

Both of these visualizations are top notch!

Next up we have this great slope graph from Simon R that looks how the Champion Golfer of the Year fared in their title defense. I think the slope graph is a great decision and it is interesting to see how difficult it is to be a repeat winner of the Claret Jug.

I love Rob's small multiple visualizations and was happy to see his July challenge visualization. There is a lot to explore in this one and it is interesting to see the distribution of the scores by round and year. Round 3 2008 was a tough day!

We had two submissions from Brett as well. The first one plots the first round scores with the total score by venue.

The second one looks at the impact of weather conditions and winning scores and Brett calls out the variation in the scores at Birkdale (Speith's total score of 268), Troon (Stenson's 264), and St George's (Morikawa's 265). I really enjoyed exploring these two visuals!

Next up is this thread from Data Golf where they look at the round scores and call out the hardest and easiest times. I thought these were great visuals and enjoyed seeing them come out each day. I'm a big fan of Data Golf and these are a couple of great examples of the quality content they produce.

I typically don't include my own work in the round-up but I am this week. I looked at the history of The Open from a venue, score, and champion view. I wanted to provide context as to what we could expect from this year's tournament.

There were also a few non-golf visuals that caught my eye this week.

Yash created this great tournament bracket visualization for the UEFA Champions League. This is a great adaption of a bracket visualization based on CJ Mayes & Kevin Flerlage's work. Great work Yash!

Kyle created this visualization on the Washington Nationals Paolo Espino's Expected Runs Prevented. The design on this visualization is well done and I am going to have to pay more attention to the rest of Espino's season.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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