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Weekly Round-Up 07.10.2022

Happy Sunday everyone! I write this in anticipation of a cracking Sunday's sport ahead. My biggest challenge looks to be how to watch both the Wimbledon Mens Final and the Austrian Grand Prix which are both scheduled for the same time! The Wimbledon final is going to be intriguing. I hope the match is going to be played in good spirits with Kyrgios displaying his undoubted natural abilities but it's going to be captivating to see how he reacts to key moments. Will he attempt to put Djokovic off with his array of tricks? Is that the only way he thinks he can win? My prediction, Djokovic in 5 sets.

As for the Grand Prix, this seems a little more clear cut. Barring a first corner collision of mechanical failure, I can only see Max Verstappen extending his championship lead. Can Ferrari do anything to stop him and Red Bull?

Onto our round-up now and to begin with, a couple of absolute stunners are entering our monthly challenge this month. First up, is Jessica with this beautifully designed beeswarm chart showing the winners of the open and the performance against par they achieved. It's interesting to see Fred Daly's winning score of +21 in 1947. There's hope for me yet! I just love the textures in this viz, Jessica.

Onto another hole in one of an entry from Doug. Those familiar with The Open will instantly recognise the iconic giant yellow scoreboard and Doug has used it to brilliant effect by tabelling the highest placed players over the last 21 tournaments. The style of this just made me want to dive in and have an exploration. To cap it off, for those with more time, Doug has embedded highlights of the tournaments as well.

As this years tournament commences on Thursday, do take the time to check out our data set looking at the previous winners and see what you can come up with!

Moving onto Wimbledon now and a couple of ace entries from Krisztina. For those that follow Krisztina will be well aware of some amazing sport related vizzes in the past, including previous versions of the design below. In this edition, she plots the route to the semi-final for Rafa Nadal. Do check out the tweet as well as Krisztina has visualised a number of matches in this wonderfully hypnotic way.

And this entry certainly caused a buzz in the Sports Viz Sunday team with CJ calling it his new favourite tennis viz no less! Documenting the flow of yesterdays womens final between Elena Rybakina and Ons Jabeur in beautiful detail. This viz takes a little bit of time to familiarise yourself with but it's certainly worth the effort. Brilliant work, Krisztina. We love what you bring to the community!

Switching gears now to the world of cycling and another legionary sport that's going on at the moment, The Tour De France. Now, I can't profess to know much or understand the intricacies of the racing but with fantastic vizzes like the one below from Rado, I can certainly begin that uphill climb to better understanding.

In this viz, Rado explores the whole of the Tour in 2021, not just the headline grabbing yellow jersey winners but so much more with these fantastic radar chart panels. Great work, Rado!

Turning to this year's competition now and El tío del dato provides a lovely animation of one of the stages using tracking data from Strava. This is an interesting watch and gives an insight into some of the strategies at play in the event. As the altitude of the stage increases it's fascinating to see how some riders seem to get stronger while others tail off.

From what I've seen of the Women's Euro 2022 so far it looks to be a fantastic competition. Large crowds at the games providing great atmospheres and highly competitive matches between the teams. A solid start by England and hopefully ongoing progression to further bring attention to the womens game.

In this interactive dashboard, HalftimeHeroes visualises Gracenotes predictions for the tournament. It's looking good so far for Germany with a 4-0 victory over Denmark achieved yesterday. Will they reach the final? Gracenote predicts they have an 11.4% chance. Let's see....

Next up is a player comparison dashboard from Tedy. Using a nice choice of colours and a slightly more novel way to visualise the data, Tedy does a great job in packing a ton of interactivity into this design.

Articles in The Athletic are always interesting and insightful and this latest one, looking at Premier League teams passing networks is no exception.

Last but by no means least, Andy shares a really interesting resource from MPL Soccer which is a Python library for plotting soccer/football charts in Matplotlib and loading StatsBomb open-data. Do check it out!

What a round-up. Some amazing content this week, thanks to everyone for sharing your work. That's it for this week. Wishing everyone an amazing week ahead.

Simon and the #sportsvizsunday team

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