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Weekly Round-Up 06.19.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hi all,

This weekend has been really relaxing and a change from normal shenanigans. I'm trying to get back into my gym routine again and make some healthy meals. Really looking to up the efforts on stomping along the London pavements soon too. I only do it for the Strava mapping and kudos, a true data nerd.

Great to be back with another weeks worth of content. We've got 10 masterpieces to share this week that I'm excited to dive into. What a week of sport in general. So glad no one visualised England's two draws and two recent defeats in the football. What we are lacking in football results it seems we are more than making up for in the cricket with our recent win over New Zealand.

Before we dive into the different sports lets start with this months community initiative #DataPlusMusic.

David brings to us the list of football singles that have made the UK Top 75. Awesome to see three songs chart to number one including the national team and ManUtd as well as the most recent 2020 record of Everton coming in at 65 in 2020. Take a look through the list and see how many songs you know!

Thanks for sharing David.

Sticking to the football for the moment, Aniket is looking for some feedback on one of the vizzes they created last year. Aniket looks at the different VAR decisions of the 2020-21 season highlighting Everton with the highest decision score.

Tech Data cleverly looks at the different world rankings of each world cup group to see who has the best chances of group success. Whilst some groups average may be lowered because of a lower ranked team, it is interesting to also compare like for like across top / second in group. Most groups still have at least two teams in the Top 15 ranking.

Someone has to tell Idris the correct hashtag of #SportsVizSunday, ha. Luckily we have a few eagle eyed amongst the crew off the back of a fantastic tableau blog he recently released on date calculations.

Idris creates a beautiful long form viz showcasing Chelsea's performance. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice! It includes some really nice elements, like a player selector parameter which switches from greyscale and a match results summary in the top half. Love the added thoughts of league standings too. Great stuff Idris, now can you make one for West Ham? ;)

Son of a Corner really wow'd me this week with this layout of MLS teams and who makes the most out of set pieces and corners. I would love to try replicate some of this shaded box background in Tableau. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how its possible.

As for the viz itself I particularly like the colour referencing, framing and overall aesthetic.

Moving onto a more oddly shaped ball we have another long form viz. Jeff brings us a visualisation on the history between crusaders and blues. The crusaders having a strong 69% win rate. Really enjoy Jeffs use of colour highlighting within the key player section with the added logos throughout.

Appropriately named Data Golf... brings us just that, data ...on golf.

Now that's a familiar face in the top right. Tiger Woods is on a different level really. I like the idea of using headshots for the more well-known players. It's a nice touch I'm seeing more frequently in scatterplot style charts. Be sure to load the embedded version to check out the rest of the players!

Check out the full blog here.

I sneak in my own blog again this week, this time looking at ways to visualise tennis data. We have some truly incredible talent in the #SVS community and whilst I detail a few little tips and tricks this blog really is showcasing others. I want to shout out Adam Green as he is a constant source of inspo.

Samuel Epley looks at the Stanley Cup play offs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can change the team and it updates the colours not just within the charts themselves, but the logos and the background colour and the smaller details of the thin line framing. Having an actual background in this case too is a really nice effect, just blending nicely in. You know the viz is good in design when I haven't even got round to talking about that technically difficult playoff outcome chart.

To close out the blog this week An Nguyen brings us a look at the WNBA schedule, using a red-blue diverging colour palette to showcase the home teams score differential. Reminds me of a few of those global warming vizzes that were knocking about. Interesting looking at the shift in score over the course of the day. Would love to see more in the WNBA space!

Finally from me, a thank you to everyone getting involved in the SportsVizSunday community space. It is such a joy going through the vizzes each week. Simon Rowe and I got to catch up at the London TUG this week for the first time in person and to have the opportunity to share excitement for what everyone has been contributing over the course of this HY. It was such a lovely feeling.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday crew

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