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Weekly Round-Up 06.05.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hi all,

Happy Sunday. Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. In the UK, we had a double bank holiday to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee including the trooping of colour and the lighting of beacons.

Having taken this week off work I was fortunate enough to pop over to France to watch the tennis at Rolland Garros, with Cilic beating Medvedev 6-2,6-3,6-2 and then got the train back the next day to watch Surrey win by 37 runs vs Gloucestershire in the Twenty20 cricket down at the Oval, London. I forgot how much the atmosphere of these events really bring the respective sports to life. As we roll into the summer period, I hope others get to find time for some rest and relaxation, and more importantly sport!!

Right, enough showing off about my holidays - onto the visualisations for the week.

Let's start with Snooker, as we close out for the May challenge.

HiVizFigs uses the shape icons effectively to highlight the snooker world championship by year as well score. Namely two things stuck out to me, the sheer number of finals (88) as well as the increase in points over time.

Our very own Simon Rowe looks at tournament wins split by nation. I love that Simon took a time-box approach. It's a great test of skill to try build a compelling visual in a given amount of time. What you will notice is Simons focus on colour. Small touches like bolding the title in colour as well as England, means the chart now has its own embedded colour legend. It helps draw out his message of Englands dominance in the snooker world championship.

Last but not least for Snooker we have Deepali who brings to use this visualisation using R.

A fantastic way of showing the different finalists over time - nicely highlighting Ronnies recent dominance of the sport.

Only one soccer visualisation this week. No surprise given its the end of many leagues. Kate would have loved to have written the round up this time LOL.

Nonetheless, Nigin brings us this fantastic multi-tool visualisation shot map.

Nigin compares the shot locations of the golden boot winners from each of the top 5 european leagues with Lewandoski coming out on top with 35 compared to for example from the premier league, Son and Salah both ending up on 23.

Utterly delighted to end on this visualisation from Krisztina. Krisztina showcases a way of mapping tennis data in a fun animated way. I have been a huge fan of Krisztina's work ever since her mappings of the Olympics and the Football and this is no different.

The animation is such a nice touch to bring an order to the game events.

Have a great week everyone, in the coming week we will be releasing a new dataset so keep your eyes peeled for that. Which means, goodbye Snooker World Championship Finals data for now.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday crew

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