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Weekly Round-Up 05.08.2022

Welcome sports and data fans to another #SportsVizSunday weekly round-up after what has been a monumental week in the world of sports, for so many reasons. If you are a Man City or Real Madrid you will no doubt be experiencing very different emotions after the chaos at the Bernabéu on Wednesday, those last few minutes of normal time were unbelievable. Then there was the rank outsider, Rich Strike, at 80-1 coming through in the final stages to win the 2022 Kentucky Derby, hat tip to anyone that had money on that one!

Speaking of hat tip, let's jump into our first viz this week and it is an amazing piece by Tina Covelli looking at conditions in Minor League Baseball. The design, the storytelling, the analysis is outstanding, and all of it was delivered in such a thoughtful way. If you want data viz inspiration, Tina is fast becoming one of the go to #SportsVizSunday contributors, great work as always, Tina.

Next up we have Abbie Taylor who offered people the chance to predict the outcome of the final games of the Vitality Netball Super League. Anyone familiar with Tableau will admire the use of parameters for the match drop downs and the design is so incredibly clean, especially the table at the end. Spoiler alert. Manchester Thunder kept up their 100% record, that is 17 out of 17 for the season. Only something United could dream of in the Premier League (sorry CJ, couldn't resist!).

The 30 day chart challenge has thrown up some great sporting data viz this year and this week Timmy Hernandez created a bar chart race for NFL Franchise Playoff Performance since 2002.

From NFL to the Golf and analysis of PGA and LPGA driving distances since 2001. There are some great insights in the analysis by Kirk Munroe and the chart choices make the data really accessible.

Now remember that reference to Real Madrid v Man City that started off the post? Well sorry fans, but as painful as the remembering the match may be for you, this viz by @DatoBHJ looked at City's passing during the game. The call outs to the left hand side are a really nice touch.

Keeping with football, Vivek, using the Matplotlib library for Python to analyse Premier League Team performance in terms of their expected goals versus actual goals scored. It may only be a small design choice in the viz, but I really like how the labelling emphasises if actual goals scored are above or below the expected goals.

There are few people in the Tableau community who write a better tutorial than our very own #SportsVizSunday Visionary, CJ Mayes, and this week CJ was at it again with an amazing tutorial sharing with us all how to create a Convex Hull in Tableau. Thanks as always, CJ, for inspiring us and expanding our knowledge of just what is possible when combining Tableau and Python.

Before signing off this week I wanted to give a shout out to our latest #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge. This month, Simon Rowe, shares a data set looking at World Championship Snooker Finals from 1927 to 2022, including the latest masterclass by 'The Rocket', Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Still not sure if you want to participate? Watch the infamous Chas and Dave music video for the 1986 hit, yes I said hit, "Snooker, Loopy" and try to resist the urge to do a bit of snooker vizzing! Sorry for anyone who is still signing it by the time next week's #SportsVizSunday round-up is released.

'Pot the reds then, screw back

For the yellow green brown blue pink and black

Snooker loopy nuts are we

We're all snooker loopy'

Have a great week, folks.


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