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Weekly Round-up 04.27.2022

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and was able to take in some sports. In the US we have a lot of options with MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL, and the PGA & LPGA tours in action. I'm cautiously optimistic that the Celtics will win the series with the Nets.

We're entering the last week of our April Indy 500 challenge and would love to see what you create with the data set. If you have any questions on the data set please let us know.

I'm kicking this week off with this F1 visualization Kashish created with Tableau Public & Figma. I like the "KPI" section in the driver comparison section. I also learned what a constructor in F1 is! Nice work Kashish!

I love the design of this Tableau viz from Vignesh. The "card" layout and color scheme work well. I also liked the use of the bar chart as a highlighter and the design of the call outs. Well done Vignesh and great to see another sports viz from you!

This viz from Dan made my day! Sometimes we just have to lower our expectations and determine success against our team's other terrible seasons. I'm going to have to work "success defined by Arsenal" into my golf game, instead of a double bogey it will be an Arsenal par :) Thanks for sharing this with us Dan!

I love heat maps and small multiples and this visualization from Son of a Corner has both. This visualization shows the shooting profiles for the teams in the EFL Championship league. There are a number of other visualizations on their Twitter profile.

I enjoyed reading this thread from Ben where he walks through "how to lie (or withhold info) with graphs" with an example of two metrics from Smalling & Palomino.

Ewan looks at the variation in the batting line-ups from the 2021 MLB season. It is interesting to see the differences across the teams. I wish it was interactive so I could explore all of the marks. Thanks for sharing this with us Ewan.

And I'm closing out the week with this fantastic visualization from SVS co-founder Simon Beaumont. Simon has a great eye for design and communicating data. The decade picture bar charts are amazing and per usual the tool tips are fantastic. It looks effortless. Beautiful work Simon!

Have a great week and I'd love to see some Indy500 visualizations come through this week!

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